Worcester Honors Most Beautiful Award Winners


SNOW HILL — The Worcester County Commissioners and Volunteer Services Manager Cyndy Howell recognized the contributions of area volunteers during a recent 2013 Worcester County’s Most Beautiful People (WCMBP) Volunteer Awards Ceremony.

This celebration honored 16 individuals and two organizations recognized by Worcester County for their ongoing service to the community.

Individuals recognized by Worcester County included Jennifer Hamilton of Berlin; Rita Taylor of Bishopville; Andrea Adams, Patricia Ilczuk-Lavanceau and June Yeich of Ocean City; Linda Dearing, Kim Dornes, Bill Gibbs, Irmgard Heinecke, Bozy Markowtiz, Lou Etta McClaflin, Marlene Ott, James Trummel and Patricia Winkelmayer of Ocean Pines; and Gearge Fear and Joann Shoemaker of Pocomoke.

The two groups recognized included Contractors for a Cause and Everyday English Class.

These outstanding individuals and organizations are among the 1.3 million Maryland volunteers whose combined volunteer hours represent a worth of $4 billion this past year.

“Several tragedies have occurred in the last few weeks, and with them we’ve seen everyday heroes step forward to help, with no thought of reward or recognition but because it was the right thing to do,” Volunteer Services Manager Cyndy Howell said. “Today we recognize the unsung heroes of Worcester County who assist others quietly and behind the scenes for those same reasons. Their stories are inspiring to all and remind us of the goodwill that exists.”

Those in attendance during the county’s 2013 WCMBP ceremony represent only a small sample of the hundreds of volunteers whose efforts sustain vital programs that otherwise could not be made available in our area, according to Howell.

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