Offseason Security Precautions Urged In Ocean City

OCEAN CITY — The Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) this week is reminding residents and business owners to make additional security precautions and take advantage of some of the programs the OCPD offers heading into the off-season in the resort.

With the advent of fall, many businesses close and some property owners leave the resort for extended periods of time, urging the OCPD to continue to remain vigilant for suspicious persons, activity and circumstances. Citizens can protect themselves and reduce their vulnerability by making sure exterior doors and windows are secured, making sure exterior lighting systems are operational and not posting travel plans on social media websites.

Those leaving the area for an extended period of time are also advised to take advantage of the OCPD’s “Residential Security Check Program.”

The free program is available to all residents whether they own or rent their homes. By simply providing the OCPD with basic information regarding travel plans and vacancies, the department will conduct random checks or properties each day to make sure it is secure. To participate in the program, contact the OCPD public affairs office at 410-723-6663, or visit the OCPD website.

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