Business Now Offering Jeep Rentals

WEST OCEAN CITY — Visitors to Ocean City as well as residents can rent something bigger to cruise around in than a scooter or a bike.

Beach Adventure Rentals, located in the Teal Marsh shopping center in West Ocean City, offers Jeep Wranglers for rent that are already tagged and equipped to drive onto the Assateague Island National Seashore’s Over Sand Vehicle area.

“Driving on the beach is something new and different for a lot of people, and really offers an unforgettable experience,” said owner Mark Carroll. “But you aren’t limited to driving on the beach, you can cruise Coastal Highway with the top down with your whole family.”

Beach Adventure currently offers half day and whole day rentals, with overnight options, so that renters can stay out on the beach and enjoy building fires and watching the sunset.

Various Jeep rentals are currently located in a few places across the country where there are various off-roading attractions, such as the mountains of Sedona or the beaches of North Carolina, but this is the first of this type of business to come to the Ocean City area.

For more information on Beach Adventure Rentals, visit or call 410-870-5337.

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