Resort Car Chase Includes Boardwalk

OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man was arrested on numerous charges last weekend after a wild car chase that included two stints on the Boardwalk and a crash through a fence before the suspect jumped in the bay to elude police.

Around 6:30 a.m. last Saturday, Ocean City police attempted to pull over a four-door Dodge Magnum for a seat belt violation in the area of 3rd Street and the Boardwalk. The vehicle, driven by Jimmy Carl Anderson, 22, of New Park, Pa., fled police by driving up on the Boardwalk. Numerous citizens on the Boardwalk at the time had to get out of the path of the vehicle to avoid being struck.

OCPD officers, not wanting to pursue the vehicle on the Boardwalk, maintained a line-of-sight on the vehicle as it continued to travel north on the Boardwalk. Ocean City Police followed up the Boardwalk in a marked vehicle several blocks behind the Anderson and the Dodge. The fleeing vehicle turned off the Boardwalk at Surf Ave. and slowed down, allowing three passengers to bail out at that point in the chase.

OCPD officers continued to follow the vehicle, but lost sight of it as it continued to flee north along Baltimore Ave. A description of the vehicle was broadcast and another OCPD officer in a marked car picked up the chase around 16th Street and Baltimore Ave. The fleeing vehicle continued to attempt to elude police and went up on the Boardwalk a second time at 16th Street and got off at 17th Street.

Once back on Baltimore Ave., Anderson lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the median before continuing north in the southbound lane. The vehicle turned west at 19th Street, crossed Coastal Highway to Dolphin Street and then north on Marlin Drive. At the end of Marlin Drive, the vehicle crashed through a fence and continued driving through a private citizen’s yard, stopping just short of driving into a canal.

Anderson then exited the vehicle, jumped in the bay and swam toward 21st Street and Herring Way. At that point, Anderson climbed out of the bay and onto a dock, where he was taken into custody by waiting officers.

The investigation revealed the vehicle had been reported stolen during a burglary in York, Pa. Anderson was found to be a wanted fugitive from Pennsylvania. OCPD officers also recovered a quantity of marijuana and prescription drugs on Anderson and in the stolen vehicle. One of the passengers who bailed out at Surf Ave., identified as Aaron Lloyd Canterbury, 30, of York, Pa., was also found to be in possession of marijuana, ecstasy and paraphernalia and was charged.

Anderson was charged with motor vehicle theft, theft over $10,000, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, malicious destruction of property, escape, possession of drugs and paraphernalia. He was also issued 30 assorted traffic citations.

One thought on “Resort Car Chase Includes Boardwalk

  1. Believe Mr. Anderson needs to provide alot of service time to OC BEFORE he is sent packing to PA – where I’m sure they will utilize his physical talents for at least the next 30 years!

    I mean, we are a society of getting ours right? So LETS GET OURS before PA gets their’s back! I’m sure the boardwalk needs additional maintenance given his rampage, some shops always need painting and cleaning. If Mr. Anderson doesn’t do well at first – then he keeps on doing it until the job is done correctly!

    Thankfully Mr. Anderson is one of the generation Z’ers that will not be in politics – although he fits the bill as a big dumb dumb!

    the 2012 Endless Summer Continues On!!! ~BUSHMAN!~

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