Restaurant Week Returns On Sunday

OCEAN CITY — In what has become an annual spring tradition, the Ocean City Restaurant Week promotion begins Sunday, May 6 and runs through Sunday, May 20.

Last fall, to celebrate the burgeoning culinary scene, the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association added a new twist to Restaurant Week. Because the association has a wide variety of restaurant members, Restaurant Week now includes four price points, as opposed to only two.

According to organizers, the price points are $10, $20, $30 and $40, which allow more restaurant members the opportunity to participate.

For example, last fall, member restaurant, Layton’s 92nd Street, developed tasty breakfast and lunch items for just $10.

“We had a very positive first time experience during Restaurant Week,” said co-owner Jill Layton. “We felt that we had some new customers come through the doors for the Restaurant Week experience, but even more so than that, the customers that we already had in house were excited for the additional options.”

Additionally, some restaurants will offer “bonus bites and beverages” as an added incentive.

One restaurant offering such is Jules Restaurant where if seated by 6 p.m., diners will be treated to a complimentary glass of wine.  

Diners can view menus and see which restaurants are offering which price points by checking out the official website, or by calling the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association at 410-289-6733.

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