Park-And-Ride Fare Hike Hearing Set

OCEAN CITY — The Ocean City Mayor and Council will hold a public hearing at its Monday, March 5 meeting to seek public comment on a proposal to raise the fare for the shuttle that operates between the West Ocean City Park & Ride and the South Transit Station in downtown Ocean City.

A fare increase from the current $1 ride-all-day to a $3 ride-all-day or $1 per boarding, which is the current fare structure of the Coastal Highway bus service, is being considered due to decreases in bus fare revenue and higher operating costs of the municipal bus service. The West Ocean City Park & Ride shuttle service operates from May through September.

The location of the public hearing is accessible to persons with disabilities.  Any individual who requires special assistance to participate in the public hearing should contact Dianna Davis at 410-723-2174, at TTD 410-723-3636, 10 days prior to the hearing in order for Ocean City Transportation to make necessary arrangements.  

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall.

One thought on “Park-And-Ride Fare Hike Hearing Set

  1. I cannot understand when demand DECREASES, price INCREASES. Thought the goal was to have as many folks possible to use the park/ride, minimizing vehicles in downtown. Hmmm, since ridership has decreased, now the goal is to increase the price to achieve WHAT?? Oh thats right, must continue to achieve that “nut” i.e., REVENUE. Go ahead – have a public meeting where EVERYONE will laugh at City Hall again for not using common sense. Raise the price of something when the demand has decreased – that is LAUGHABLE! Just go ahead and shut it down now so there is one less article about it later. Continue your tiny time handling of things when more important things need to be ADDRESSED. And Horse Back riding is NOT important! BUSHMAN!

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