Parks Gets Funding Pledge

ASSATEAGUE — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley last week announced nearly $23 million in the proposed fiscal year 2013 capital budget for projects at state parks, including Assateague, and other public projects that will support roughly 300 jobs while helping to restore the environment, reduce energy usage and improve visitor experiences.

The $23 million allocation includes nearly $9 million in “green” projects including $2.1 million for a new bathhouse at Assateague State Park. Other green initiatives supported by the funding in all state parks include “green” visitor cabins and natural playgrounds.

“Today, we’re proposing to invest $22.7 million from our capital budget to make much-needed improvements to our state parks, an investment that will support nearly 300 jobs in our state, help us make our parks more sustainable, and support our thriving tourism industry,” said O’Malley. “Our State Parks are tremendous economic engines in our state with a $650 million annual impact on our local economies, a great resource for Maryland families, and a big part of why our tourism industry remains so strong even in tough times.”

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