A Timeline Of Events

OCEAN CITY – The following is a look at the sequence of events in the pending murder case against Ocean City resident and business owner Christy Freeman as they unfolded over the last week.– Around 1 a.m. last Thursday, Ocean City EMTs and police responded to a 911 call from Freeman’s Sunset Drive residence where… Read more »

Investigation Takes Toll On Ocean City Police

BERLIN – After six straight days of intense investigation, the Ocean City police officers working on the Christy Freeman case are exhausted, said police spokesperson Barry Neeb.“What we’re doing is so important. They’re being so meticulous and so thorough they don’t take time for themselves,” Neeb said Wednesday, as evidence recovery at the Sunset Drive… Read more »

New Charges Filed In Christy Freeman Case

OCEAN CITY – “Reasonable doubt” was an expression heard often this week as authorities sifted through the sordid details in the case involving an Ocean City woman charged with murder in the stillborn death of her child early last Thursday morning and the later discovery of three more fetuses stored in and around her house,… Read more »

Case Shines Light On Maryland’s Safe Haven Law

BERLIN – Questions swirling around the Christy Freeman case have inevitably turned to the alternatives the accused had in the event of an unwanted child, including Maryland’s four-year-old Safe Haven law meant to prevent abandonment and murder of newborns.Freeman, 37, has been charged with first-, second-, and third-degree murder after delivering a stillborn male infant… Read more »

Deal Signed Outlining Dual Sewer Plant Plans

BERLIN – The first formal step towards a dual wastewater plant system in Berlin was completed Wednesday when Berlin Mayor Tom Cardinale and developer Troy Purnell of Berlin Properties North (BPN) signed a document laying out their intentions in an unusual public-private partnership.“It’s what we’ve come to an understanding on and we’re very happy about… Read more »