New Expectations For A New Year

OCEAN CITY — With interest rates at historic lows, resulting in lower income from bonds, achieving investment goals has brought about a shift in portfolios that has tilted them toward equities. This raises the importance of understanding the drivers of equity returns over the near term.Three components drive total returns of equities: dividends, earnings growth… Read more »

2014 Financial Resolutions To Consider

OCEAN CITY — For the average equity investor, 2013 was certainly a year to celebrate. As financial markets and the global economy continue to normalize, we outline some key investor resolutions for 2014.Resolution #1: Pay attention to the economy and the Federal Reserve. The macroeconomic backdrop has been a critical determinant of asset performance in… Read more »

Corporate Earnings Remain Healthy

OCEAN CITY — Investors are looking at another strong year of equity returns, with the S&P 500 up more than 28% at the end of November. A key feature of this year’s equity market gains has been multiple expansion — the increase in the price/earnings ratio. However, with the Federal Reserve likely to start tapering… Read more »

Family Business Transfer Tips

OCEAN CITY — For most business owners, retirement is either a subject they welcome, or the last thing they want to think about. If you’re looking forward to that day, you’ve probably already started preparing to move on from your business. If you’re not, bear in mind that there are real advantages to beginning to… Read more »