Municipal Bond Market Murmurs

OCEAN CITY — News headlines relating to the municipal market — particularly in connection to Puerto Rico’s tumult and the Illinois state budget — continue to be overwhelmingly negative. Puerto Rico faces the prospect of defaulting on its $72 billion debt.Prices for its general obligation bonds, as well as for the bonds of a number… Read more »

Bond Market Volatility Likely To Hit Normal Levels

OCEAN CITY — Bond yields continued to rise, with the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield jumping as high as 2.5% in June before pulling back. As bond yields have risen, prices have fallen, with outflows accelerating and bond market volatility creeping higher. These developments have rekindled investor concerns over bond market volatility and liquidity.We expect bond… Read more »

Middle-Income Consumers Step Out

OCEAN CITY — Consumer spending was a bright spot in the otherwise lackluster first quarter GDP report, rising 1.9% annualized from the fourth quarter. In fact, the two biggest detractors from overall economic growth — low energy prices and a stronger U.S. dollar — have provided a big boost to consumers.We’re seeing early signs of… Read more »

Seeking Value And Yield Abroad Can Be Attractive

OCEAN CITY — When most U.S. investors search for yield, they only look to opportunities here at home, typically in defensive sectors such as utilities or telecom. However, the focus on domestic equity sectors can leave them with concentrated positions and the risk those holdings entail. Overall, however, yields and valuations are more attractive abroad.Last… Read more »