The Little Lady With A Lot Of Clout

A local environmental legend passed away this week. There are many words to describe the contributions of Ilia Fehrer, but the one we like the most is leader. There are many different ways to lead. Some do it vocally, some are quiet and some don’t even realize they are subconsciously doing it with just their… Read more »

What Others Are Saying

Editor:Maryland tourism professionals from both the public and private sectors need to focus on convincing our fellow citizens and our elected officials on the merits of supporting tourism in Maryland. Making the case for Worcester County and Ocean City is particularly important given the fact tourism is the dominant industry in Worcester County and even… Read more »

Funds Well Spent On Broadband Effort

A lot of money is about to be pumped into providing for the needed infrastructure to allow high-speed Internet access on most of the Eastern Shore. While there’s no disputing state and federal governments often make poor choices on how to distribute public funds, this is certainly not one of those instances. As a matter… Read more »

Funding, Yes; Events, Oh Yes

It’s no secret: it’s not the best of times in the world of tourism in the Ocean City area.Sure, there are still hundreds of thousands of people here on the weekends, roads in Ocean City are bustling, some hotels have no vacancy signs illuminated and the top restaurants still have waits during the peak times,… Read more »

Emotions Must Be Checked At The Door

Relations have perhaps never been more strained than they are today between the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company and the appointed and elected officials of the town’s government. However, all the distrust and innuendo circulating currently can easily be ironed out as long as cooler heads prevail.Time is a powerful concept and one of its… Read more »

How Others See It

Editor:The alarming situation at Trimper’s on Ocean City’s famous boardwalk is an example of primal pontification at its finest. In all the posturing, finger pointing and the wringing of tax collector hands, no workable solution has been proposed or put on any table by anyone. What the town of Ocean City and Worcester County Commissioners… Read more »

OC Season Starts With A Bang

All indications point to a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in the Ocean City area, and that’s good news for a business community that reported a slower off-season than usual.As is the case with any weekend, there are some businesses that reported outstanding sales, while others who say it was on par with last year’s and… Read more »

Relations Not Healed In One Meeting

The Mayor and Council assured the leadership of the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company (OCVFC) last week it will continue to be the authority over fire service in the resort, despite a conceptual plan that indicates the opposite could be true in the near future.The issue here is complex, but OCVFC officials and the Mayor… Read more »

Officials Act To Prevent Future Surprises

On the heels of an adult business opening in Ocean City along Coastal Highway, local governments are doing exactly what they should be – making sure it does not happen again without their input.When the SexStyles shop opened in north Ocean City this spring, it became the first such business to begin operating in Worcester… Read more »

How Many Cops Should Patrol Schools?

The County Commissioners touched on a debate last week that has surfaced in jurisdictions across the country. The issue years ago, prior to the eruption of school violence, revolved around the question: should cops be in school to maintain peace and order? The answer to that is yes, leading to the next quandary: how many… Read more »