Worcester Preparatory School Hosted Bread Sale

Worcester Preparatory School teachers Annie Seipp and Maureen Raines and their students hosted this year’s third grade Bread Sale as part of a hands-on learning lesson combining English, Science, Social Studies (civics and community), Mathematics and Philanthropy. The project is modeled like a small business, with the young entrepreneurs baking bread, selling it to Lower School… Read more »

WPS Middle School Celebrated Sarah Crewe Birthday

Left, Sarah Crewe played by WPS middle schooler Lily Lenhard celebrated her birthday with other boarding school students, from left, played by Sydney Parker, Emily Ferguson, Ellie Phillips, Keerat Brar, Isha Garg and Bella Fernley before Sarah learns of her father’s tragic death.Below, Mr. Carrisford, played by Darren Lockhard, searches for Capt. Crewe’s daughter following… Read more »

Worcester Prep Students Grades 6-8 Presented “A Little Princess”

Worcester Preparatory School students in Grades 6-8 presented last Friday an incredible performance of the novel “A Little Princess” by Frances Hodgson Burnett in the Athletic and Performing Arts Center. Directed by Upper School Dance/Drama Director Paulette DeRosa-Matrona, the show was performed in front of parents, friends and fellow Lower/Middle School students. Cast members included, above front from left,… Read more »

Buckingham Elementary Visited Shad Landing

After reading “Ranger in Time: Rescue on the Oregon Trail” for the One School, One Book program, students from Buckingham Elementary School visited Shad Landing and enjoyed a day of hiking, fishing and exploring nature. Left, Dylan Rounds is pictured fishing.Below, BES Principal Chris Welch is pictured with Tosca and Noah Serpico.

OC Elementary School Celebrated Earth Day

Students in Leona Lavin’s first grade class at Ocean City Elementary School celebrated Earth Day by picking up trash around the school grounds. Throughout the day, students learned how to respect their environment by discussing ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Pictured are Kennedy Riley, Blake Riley, Rachel Wall, Austin Starkey and Penelope Buta. Submitted Photos