Berlin Intermediate School Sixth Grade Class Enjoys Virtual Reality Fieldtrip To Great Wall Of China

Students in Coralee Fraschetti’s sixth grade class at Berlin Intermediate School enjoyed a fieldtrip to the Great Wall of China using brand new virtual reality goggles, thanks to donations from the PTA and the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore. Pictured are Trevor Smith, Leslie Hernandez-Cuevas, Faith Cody, Samantha Gallagher, Renee Fohner and Sydney Patrick.

Berlin Intermediate School Sixth Grade Math Glass Participates In Prodigy

Students in Bill Noah’s sixth grade math class at Berlin Intermediate School participated in Prodigy, an online math program where they play games that correspond with their level of math ability and compete against classmates with similar math abilities. Students pictured include Angela Hill, Rowan Chester, Summer Brenner, Tyana Northam, Jarek Josheph, Jake Mongelli, Tyler… Read more »

Worcester Prep Ninth And Tenth Graders Participated In “Maker Day”

Worcester Prep ninth and tenth graders participated in “Maker Day,” a day to celebrate inventing, problem solving, working collaboratively, and constructing solutions. Students broke into small teams and constructed operating displays of technologies from the Renaissance Period. Left, Ashley Laws and Molly White tested their wind propelled boat in front of fellow students Rylie Carey,… Read more »

Graham And Briddell Recognized As February Premier Driving School Athletes Of The Month

Stephen Decatur High School sophomore Kirsten Graham and senior Gary Briddell were recognized as the February Premier Driving School Athletes of the Month for swimming and basketball, respectively. Graham placed sixth in the state in the 100 backstroke and was a member of the seventh place 200 free relay and medley relay teams. As the starting… Read more »