Worcester Prep’s Pre-Kindergarten Conducted Experiments with Eggs

Last week, Worcester Preparatory School’s pre-kindergarten class conducted a series of experiments with eggs being the key ingredients. Both experiments resulted in a great day full of fun, all while students learned about the force behind gravity. Pictured, front from left, are Camila Prosser, Caroline McCready, Natalie Gjikuria, Sienna Fawcett and Harper Zervakos; second row, from… Read more »

Worcester Preparatory School Hosted Bread Sale

Worcester Preparatory School teachers Annie Seipp and Maureen Raines and their students hosted this year’s third grade Bread Sale as part of a hands-on learning lesson combining English, Science, Social Studies (civics and community), Mathematics and Philanthropy. The project is modeled like a small business, with the young entrepreneurs baking bread, selling it to Lower School… Read more »