Things I Like – August 24, 2018

Friends visiting this time of yearNo backups at the Bay BridgeA great intern (Rebecca Evans)Carrying out a good deed privatelyLeaving a hospitalA hotel parking lot full of Pa. license platesMexican food a couple times a monthThe beach around 7 p.m.A surprise ending to a bookSeeing my sons hugFootball’s return

Things I Like – August 17, 2018

When the sun comes out on the beach after a stormSmall concert venuesA weather forecast that’s rightTidal pools in the ocean close to shoreBack-to-school senior picturesMy sons giggling with each other in the back seatTeammates working together on the fieldThe smell and look of freshly cut grassAll the volunteers who work Surfers Healing day in… Read more »

Things I Like – August 10, 2018

Funny conversations overheard on a beach dayEarly morning peace in my houseTubing the bay on a calm dayAnnual friend visits during the summerThe Berlin Peach FestivalLow tide beach daysA new pair of sunglassesFried chicken and watermelon for lunch on the beachWeekends with no plansBooks with short chaptersLearning from mistakes