Sea Bass Fishing is Awesome 3, 2020Awesome gift ideas for Dad at Atlantic Tackle.It was windy today folks….reel windy!!  I can tell you from personal experience.  My buddy Jeff Coats and I jumped in the Fish in OC Carolina Skiff today to try and get another episode of Hooked on OC in the can….and it was tough!  The idea… Read more »

Nice Yellowfin Tuna’s Day gift ideas from Atlantic Tackle.Well today’s weather in the ocean was the opposite of yesterday where it started off rough and calmed down nicely.  Today things started off relatively calm and had picked up “nautical” by the end of the day.  Thankfully fishing for the tuna and sea bass fleets was good and… Read more »

Nice Fish from the Route 50 Bridge Catch from Sunset Marina with Shelby ZimmerToday started off pretty windy, but by this afternoon it had calmed down nicely and the boats that headed to the ocean were happy to see nice, calm seas.  Some boats even postponed their departure to wait out the wind and it ended up being a good call… Read more »

Rough AF Catch at Sunset Marina with Shelby Zimmer.I got several reports today, unfortunately 90% of them were “we canceled or turned around because it was rough AF.”  Not sure what that means, but I’m guessing since they turned around it wasn’t good.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler left the dock at 9:00 AM hoping… Read more »

Good Tuna Bite’s Day ideas from Atlantic Tackle in the video above!!For the second Saturday in a row the weatherman absolutely blew the forecast today.  Earlier forecast was for a good chance of showers and thunderstorms today with a pretty significant wind of 15+.  Today was far from that with beautiful weather that had light winds, sunny… Read more »

A Surprise Visitor from the North’s Advantage at Atlantic Tackle talking Father’s Day gift ideas with Brian Tinkler.It certainly was warm and humid today in and around Ocean City, and unfortunately the wind was blowing too.  It made things a little rough in the bay and ocean and I don’t think many boats made the long run to the tunas… Read more »

More Tunas, Sea Bass and Flounder’s Day is just around the corner….Atlantic Tackle is ready!!  Check out the vid for some ideas.The weather was a little rougher today than it was yesterday with clouds, a little rain and some wind to contend with.  It was unfishable so there were anglers offshore, inshore and in the back bays trying to take… Read more »

First Bigeye of the OC Season Is a 200 Pounder Daily Catch from over the weekend at the Ocean City Fishing CenterOne captain referred to today’s weather as the nicest day that he’s fished so far this year and I can’t disagree.  It was foggy over the ocean again today for a bit, but the winds were next to nothing and seas were pretty… Read more »

Big Bird’s Biggest Rockfish Ever Catch at the Ocean City Fishing CenterIt was FOGGY today in Ocean City folks….FOGGY!  Temperatures were warm enough, it wasn’t raining and the wind was light, but if you were on the ocean today you better have had radar.  Doing some segments at Atlantic Tackle in West Ocean City today, we couldn’t see anything… Read more »