Great Day on the Lost Time

I had plans to go fishing today, but I chickened out when I felt the northeast wind and the slight chill….plus I had a meeting to go to so I had a good excuse.  Today wasn’t terrible by any stretch, but it was a little chiller than it has been lately and there are some… Read more »

Nice Mixed Bag

Today started with a little cloud cover, but you could tell early on it was going to turn out to be a reely nice day.  The clouds gave way to sunshine this afternoon, temps were warm and the wind was light enough for some anglers to be out on the bay taking advantage of the… Read more »

First Mahi From Our Canyons

I’ll give the weatherman credit again today….he forecast today to start off with a chance of rain with light winds, but by this afternoon we were looking to have some heavy rain and the possibility of some severe storms.  DelMarVa was even in a tornado watch for a little while, but it has since been… Read more »

2 Year Old Needed a Nap

The weatherman predicted that today would be sunny and warm, but the wind was going to be blowing and he was right on about that.  I got to work around the house today so the pollen blowing in my face all day was annoying, but otherwise it was a great day to get some stuff… Read more »

Smoked Again

It was a gorgeous day in and around Ocean City today with very warm temps, sunny skies and light winds….to start.  The wind did pick up this afternoon which made our ride south pretty bumpy, but thanks to my wife we had some fish in the box and I got some great reports from others… Read more »

Flounder Sandwiches

I wouldn’t say today was the nicest day of the spring so far, but it was fairly decent with warm temps and little to no precipitation.  The wind was blowing a little harder on the water than expected, but it was still fishable and if you put in your time…..and had a little luck….you could… Read more »

Striper In The Surf

Except for a few short rain showers and some wind, today was not too bad a weather day at all.  The local home improvement stores and Crabs to Go were packed with patrons up until just an hour or so ago….that’s all about to change.  As of 9:15 tonight my area is actually under a… Read more »

Nice Bay Tautog

It was another absolutely beautiful spring day today with very warm temps and sunny skies…but once again the wind blew hard this afternoon and messed it up a little.  We’re looking at more wind for tomorrow and then some serious rain overnight into Saturday so you may be able to get it in tomorrow morning,… Read more »

First Nice Bluefish

We had a really nice day today in and around Ocean City with temps near 60 degrees and sunny skies, but the wind did pick up quite a bit this afternoon.  Report from the bay was that it was “kicked up” pretty good and the water wasn’t the cleanest, but it wasn’t terribly dirty either. … Read more »