Keeper Flounder for Young and Old out the door early this morning it felt more like early October than it did early June.  Temps were in the mid 50s, winds were light and though the sun wasn’t up yet, I knew it would be sunny.  Got some reports today too from some folks that got out to enjoy it.I love… Read more »

Dockloads of Tuna was another nice day today and the great news is the tuna finally got to a more reasonable striking distance and the strike is exactly what some boats did….let’s get to it.The crew of the Boss Hogg out of Sunset Marina was on fire today fishing in the Spencer Canyon.  The crew combined forces… Read more »

Went 100 Miles for the Tunas was a little poopy this morning after last night’s storms rolled through thanks to some lingering moisture and some cloudy conditions.  That all cleared up pretty quickly and left a partly sunny sky, warm temps and calm conditions on both the bay and the ocean.Captain Ron Callis had the Turnin’ Fins out for their… Read more »

Beautiful Day Before the Storms the vid for flounder gear available at Atlantic Tackle!Today was literally the calm before the storm in and around Ocean City!  We’ve got some pretty good rain, lighting and thunder going on in some areas right now, but earlier today it was sunny, warm and very, very calm.  I had a chance to head… Read more »

Long Range Yellowfin Tunas the vid for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic Tackle.We had another nice day in and around Ocean City today with sunny skies and decent temps.  We did have a little wind blow up that had the ocean a little sporty and brought some fog into Ocean City, but other than that things were just… Read more »

Real Pretty Sea Bass out the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic Tackle!Yep!  Another beautiful day in and around Ocean City.  We could definitely get used to this!  Light winds, warms temps and sunny skies all day long!  Through in some good fishing and it was an awesome day.The ocean going party boat fleet enjoyed another great weather day today,… Read more »

Great Fishing On Memorial Day out the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic Tackle!Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Please remember what this Holiday is all about!  God bless the USA!It was an absolutely gorgeous day again today and there were lots of folks still in town and there were lots of folks out on the water enjoying the conditions.  Fishing was good… Read more »

Slick Calm Conditions and A Good Chew the vid for flounder gear available at Atlantic Tackle!Absolutely beautiful day on both land and sea today with light winds, warm temperatures and sunny skies.  This weekend has really seen some gorgeous weather and there’s more on tap for the next few days!  The water isn’t the cleanest on the bottom of the tide… Read more »