By Scott LenoxIt was another beautiful day in Ocean City today.  The ocean started off a little sporty this morning, but settled down nicely as the day went on.  In the back bay it was the opposite.  It started out pretty calm and even cool, but as the day went on the south wind picked… Read more »

Good Flounderin’

By Scott LenoxIt was an absolutely beautiful day in Ocean City today.  Sunny skies all day, warm temperatures and light north east winds made for good fishing conditions and crowded fishing spots both inshore and offshore.The water behind Assateague Island has been really clear for the past few days thanks to the north east winds…. Read more »

The Bite is On

By Scott LenoxIt was another awesome day of fishing today both inshore and offshore.  The wind did blow out of the north east and made it rough enough for some boats to stay at the dock, but it was fishable.  Those that decided to brave the wind were rewarded with good tuna fishing offshore and… Read more »

Red Hot Fishing

By Scott LenoxFishing was absolutely crazy today….crazy good!  The offshore boats were in the canyons absolutely smoking the tuna and the inshore boats were all over the flounder and sea bass.  We even had sea bass, flounder and tuna caught on the same boat!I got a crazy report from Wes Pollitt of the Morning Star… Read more »

Tuna or Flounder….Take Your Pick

By Scott LenoxWe have had some crazy weather the past couple of days and it continued into this morning.  We had some pretty severe thunderstorms roll through Ocean City this morning that eventually made their way offshore to put a damper on the offshore fleet….literally.  Seas were already pretty sporty, but when the thunderstorms arrived… Read more »

Covered Up

By Scott LenoxThe weather that swept through the area yesterday afternoon into last night left us with some pretty tough conditions today.  It was pretty rough offshore thanks to the wind, and inshore the bay was left looking like Columbian coffee with extra cream.  Neither of these conditions make it easy for charters to put… Read more »

Big Eyes and Scary Skies

By Scott LenoxWe had some wicked storms roll through the area this evening….really wicked!  Very heavy rain and lots of lightning had folks running for cover…no one in their right mind was on the water after 4:30 unless they had to be.  Only a couple of boats in the offshore fleet headed to the canyons… Read more »

Tuna…Tuna…Tuna Fish

By Scott LenoxLast weeks weather forecast for the canyons predicted today to have winds in excess of 30 knots and seas in excess of 10 feet…..boy was that wrong….it was beautiful.  Thankfully the forecast updated early enough for the offshore fleet to make plans to head out, and they were rewarded handsomely.There was word of… Read more »