The Kids Can Fish!

By Scott LenoxToday was day 1 of the Ocean City Marlin Club’s 12th Annual Kid’s Classic Tournament and it was a doozie!  This is an awesome event put on by the Ocean City Marlin Club with categories from billfish release to croaker.  It’s all about getting kids fishing with family and friends and helping them… Read more »

The Kids First Tunas

By Scott LenoxThe chunking for tuna at Massey’s Canyon was definitely slower today then it was yesterday.  It was so crowded on the spot that Austin Ensor compared the amount of boats to the amount of cars in the inlet parking lot on the 4th of July….that’s crowded!  A crowd of boats usually means tough fishing… Read more »

The Chunk is On!

By Scott LenoxThe offshore fleet was on the chunk today and they absolutely murdered the tuna.  There are an abundance of fish in Massey’s Canyon currently and they are eating some butterfish chunks.  I got my first report this morning at 10:30 AM and it gave me an idea just how good the fishing was… Read more »

White Marlin Fishing….From a Jet Ski

By Scott LenoxI got a Facebook submission from Rob Wolhar with a really interesting report.  Rob and some friends have started a group called Delaware Jet Ski Fishing and are making some really remarkable catches….from jet skis.  These guys were the first to get HMS permits for jet skis in Delaware and it has really… Read more »

Butterfish Crush

By Scott LenoxNow that the Ocean City Tuna Tournament is over….the chunk is on.  Some boats were actually chunking as early as last week, but now that the tournament is in the books, chunking will become the preferred method for catching tuna fish.  For those of you that may not know what chunking is, it… Read more »

Ocean City Tuna Tournament Day 2

By Scott LenoxIt was another good day at the scales for the 29th Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament at the Ocean City Fishing Center today as 48 boats fished leaving just over 40 boats left to fish tomorrow.  There was some movement in the heaviest stringer category, we now have a three way tie for… Read more »

Ocean City Tuna Tournament Day 1

By Scott LenoxWhen scales opened today at the 29th Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament Emcee Dave “Coconut” Hedges announced that we would be recognizing three tuna species from the tuna family…the yellowfin tuna, the bigeye tuna and the bluefin tuna.  By the time the scales had closed this evening at 7:30, we had seen all… Read more »