Epic Day 1 White Marlin Open

By Scott LenoxWHEW!  What a first day of the 43rd Annual White Marlin Open.  There were several non-qualifying white marlin weighed, we had some tuna and mahi hit the board and there was a huge blue marlin that just beat the 9:15 deadline that has an incredible story.The crew of the Get Reel pulled into… Read more »

The 43rd Annual White Marlin Open

By Scott LenoxTonight’s fishing report is light as the offshore fishing fleet prepares for the Super Bowl of fishing tournaments….the White Marlin Open.  I just got word from tournament directors that there are 329 boats entered into this year’s event with a total payout of $4.4 Million.  The weather looks really good for this week,… Read more »

Awesome Heels and Reels Tournament

By Scott LenoxThe Ocean City marlin club heels and reels tournament had 42 total boats this weekend which was an all-time record for the event. The ladies really showed us how to catch some fish.  There were some nice mahi and tuna caught and there were a ton of white marlin caught. If this body… Read more »

Heels and Reels

By Scott LenoxIt was another awesome day of white marlin fishing out in the canyons today except this time it was the ladies turn.  Today was day 1 of the Ocean City Marlin Club’s Heels and Reels Tournament and the ladies showed us, like they show us most things, that they catch fish better than… Read more »

More Marlin

By Scott LenoxWe are a mere four days away from the 43rd Annual White Marlin Open and the Ocean City Marlin Club’s Heels and Reels Tournament starts tomorrow.  Anglers that are planning on fishing these events are really excited right now because the white marlin bite was insane again today.   The bad news is… Read more »

Calm Before the Storm

By Scott LenoxWhen I say calm before the storm, I don’t mean the weather….today was exactly the opposite.  It was rough one in the ocean today.  NE winds were blowing 20+ knots in the bay behind Assateague Island when I was back there so the ocean had to be angry.  It was rough enough that… Read more »

Awesome White Marlin Bite

By Scott LenoxThere was a pretty awesome white marlin bite in the Lindenkohl Canyon yesterday and today.  Boats got word of the good fishing yesterday and headed to the Lindenkohl today.  It’s about 100 miles one-way, but it sounds like it was worth the trip.  Dave Messick headed over to Sunset Marina this evening to… Read more »

Mahi Slayer

By Scott LenoxWe’ve had some wicked thunderstorms rolling through the Ocean City area recently, but the one that rolled through the Ocean City inlet early this afternoon put all of them to shame.  I happened to be on the road and I can honestly say I’ve never driven in such hard rain.  I was only… Read more »

Huk Big Fish Classic Results

By Scott LenoxThe 3rd Annual Big Fish Classic is in the books and it was a terrific event.  Just as we expected, today was the busiest day of scales action as 61 boats fished the window from 7AM yesterday until 3PM today.  There were fish waiting at the dock when scales opened at 4PM and… Read more »