Puppy Drum and Flounder

It was pretty windy first thing this morning, but otherwise it was a beautiful fall day.  The temperature started this morning in the low 50s and it was mostly sunny all day.  Thanks to the runoff from all of the rain over the weekend the tide was higher than normal and the water was a… Read more »

Pitboss Down Under

What is good news for those of us living in and around Ocean City is terrible news for those that live in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.  Ocean City is no longer in hurricane Matthew’s projected path so it looks like we are in the clear and some guys are even saying it may be… Read more »

Flounder at The Pier

With our eyes still to the south keeping watch on Hurricane Matthew, we had another decent weather day today in Ocean City.  The wind was puffing pretty good out of the north east so there wasn’t much ocean fishing going on, but I did see a couple of boats on the bay and there were… Read more »

Good Action Before the Storm

We are keeping an eye on hurricane Matthew even more today as he has made a lean to the west and the eastern seaboard, including Ocean City and surrounding area in the “cone of uncertainty”.  Mother Nature is the only one that truly knows Matthew’s path, but forecasters are saying that it is headed toward… Read more »

Pile of Fish

As hurricane Matthew looms to the south and Ocean City begins to think about early preparations it was business as usual for the offshore fleet today.  Matthew’s path is yet to be determined, but he is such a large, powerful storm that he could pass by hundreds of miles away and still close down our… Read more »

Wahoo Out the Wahoo

We’ve had some tough weather lately, and it looks like it might be really tough in a week or two.  We are definitely keeping our eyes on hurricane Matthew, which is currently south of the Caribbean.  Matthew is a very strong storm and could do “catastrophic” damage in the Caribbean.  Where he heads after that… Read more »

Tough Week

It’s been a tough week to be a fisherman in Ocean City.  Yesterday and today we’ve had 5″ of rain.  To put that in perspective, based on a typical ratio, if it were snow it could more than four feet.  Downtown Ocean City being flooded shouldn’t be a surprise, but when parts of West Ocean… Read more »

Fishing For A Cause

Fishing for MD “Muscular Dystrophy” (FFMD) – An innovative one of a kind program creating a financial contribution and awareness to children and adults affected with muscular diseases. Paul Robertson, a 48-year-old Maryland native who spent his childhood summers boating and fishing in Ocean City, MD was diagnosed fifteen (15) years ago with Limb Girdle… Read more »

Sheepshead are Tasty

By Scott Lenox It poured in Ocean City this morning, and then it was overcast with intermittent rain all day.  The wind wasn’t bad, so if you didn’t mind dodging rain drops you could drop a line in and get after your favorite species. There have been a large amount of sheepshead being caught over… Read more »