First Flounder of the 2021 Season wait is over!  The highly anticipated first flounder of the season has been caught in Ocean City, MD and now flounder fishermen like myself will be hitting our bays on a regular basis looking for more of the delicious flat fish.  I got the email today at 2:31 PM with the subject line…..First Flounder…. Read more »

Some More Double Digit Tautog had another nice day today in and around Ocean City today.  Temps were in the mid 60s, winds were light for most of the day and the sky was very sunny.  I tried my luck this afternoon looking for the first flounder of the Ocean City season and even though I didn’t find him/her,… Read more »

Big Tautog and Rockfish had another beautiful spring weather day in and around Ocean City today with sunny skies, warm temperatures.  There was a little breeze inshore today, but out in the ocean it was very nice and awfully fishy.Captain Kane Bounds of the Fish Bound was just shy of adding another 20 pound tautog to his current… Read more »

Nice Way to Spend Easter Sunday and Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you had a nice day with your families….I know I did.The weather was very nice in and around Ocean City today with warmer than expected temps, sunny skies and light winds so it was a great day to be outside whatever you were doing.  Lots of folks were… Read more »

Another World Record Tautog in Ocean City, Maryland another world record tautog has been caught out of Ocean City, Maryland and this time the circumstances are truly unbelievable….no really, unbelievable!David Wells of DW Mowing  was fishing Ocean City’s south jetty for blowfish today when he was surprised by the mighty pull of a gigantic tautog, otherwise known as blackfish.  David was using… Read more »

First Black Drum of the Season started off harmless enough with temps in the mid 60s, light winds and even a few pokes of sun, but by later this afternoon it was pouring down rain and the now the wind is starting to blow.  Tomorrow looks like a pretty crap day and Friday won’t get out of the 40s, but… Read more »

Double Digit Tautog had a pretty nice spring day in and around Ocean City today with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine.  The wind blew up in Dorchester County where I was this afternoon, but the report from the ocean was that it was very, very nice.  Tautog were snapping well out there too as all three… Read more »

That’s Toggin’ Tackle in West Ocean City is now carrying inflatables…check out the vid for more info!It was a tale of two weathers on the bay today with conditions changing in a major way in just a matter of hours.  This morning it was flat calm beautiful with little to no wind, sunny skies and temps… Read more »