Sea Bass are Snappin’

By Scott LenoxIt was a beautiful day in Ocean City today with sunny skies, warm temperatures and light winds….finally!!  It really was gorgeous today both on land and out in the ocean.  The forecast for the next several days is for more of the same and the Memorial Day weekend coming up looks like a… Read more »


By Scott LenoxIt wasn’t a bad weather day in Ocean City today, but it wasn’t a great one either.  It was cloudy most of the day and the wind blew a little this morning, but it didn’t rain and that was a nice change.  The forecast was for a chance of showers most of the… Read more »

Crap Weather, Big Bluefish

By Scott LenoxAnother day of rain and unseasonably cool temperatures in Ocean City made for another day of limited fishing.  It didn’t rain as much today as it did yesterday, but the wind was up this afternoon, it was cool and we had a misty, light rain that was just miserable.  The weather forecast for… Read more »

Before the Rain

By Scott LenoxBoy it rained today in Ocean City…..A LOT!!  The wind blew too….neither was quite as bad as the weatherman forecasted, but it still kept most people from exploring their fishing interests.  It was a good day to get some inside chores done, do some shopping or take in a movie….the theatre was packed!I… Read more »

Calm Seas and Good Fishing

By Scott LenoxWe had another beautiful day in Ocean City today with sunny skies and light winds….but it’s going to change tomorrow.  The land forecast is for 25-35 mph winds with gusts to 40 and 100% chance of rain with up to two inches expected.  It’s a good thing the ocean was flat calm today… Read more »

Bass and Blues

By Scott LenoxIt was an absolutely beautiful day in Ocean City today!  It was pretty windy this morning which made for a rough start to the day for the local party boats and the south jetty was pretty much unfishable, but no rain for once was an awesome thing.The party boat Angler with Captain Chris… Read more »

Fishing Downtown

By Scott LenoxIf you want to do some fishing and you don’t have a boat, you have to take advantage of the fishing that downtown Ocean City has to offer.  From the pier on 9th street, to the bulkhead behind the ball fields from 2nd to 4th streets, to the route 50 bridge and the… Read more »

Good Sea Bassin’

By Scott LenoxIt rained today…..surprise, surprise.  It’s getting to be little ridiculous really.  More than 20 days of measurable rain in the past three weeks has really made it tough for anglers to get excited about fishing.  It’s tough to get in the mood to drop a line when you’re waiting for the rain to… Read more »

Slob Assateague Rockfish

By Scott LenoxMan was it chilly this morning!  Beautifully sunny and pretty calm to start the day, but chilly.  The temperature gauge on my truck read 40 degrees and my buddy Rusty at Ocean Pines Golf and Country Club said it was 37 when his crew started the day.  The wind picked up again this… Read more »