Slayin’ The Tuna

By Scott LenoxThe offshore tuna fishing is out of this world right now!  The only thing keeping boats from catching a ton of yellowfin tuna right now is the weather.  It can be a little slower on weekend’s when there are a thousand boats on a spot, but for the most part if you know… Read more »

Even on the Ride Home

By Scott LenoxI got a report from Wes Pollitt of the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins with some info that you don’t see on a regular basis from a party boat.  Wes reported that they had great fishing yesterday, the high hook on the boat had 11 nice sea bass and they caught all… Read more »

Big Bigeye

By Scott LenoxThere wasn’t much going on today unfortunately.  Lots of wind made the bay super sloppy this afternoon and the ocean was probably way worse.I mentioned in last night’s report the 203 pound bigeye caught on board the Boss Hogg out of Sunset Marina, but at the time I didn’t have the picture.  It… Read more »

Back By 11 AM

By Scott LenoxIt was a beautiful day on the beach today in Ocean City and even though it was rough as a cob offshore, some of the fleet was out there in the canyons on the tuna again.Rhonda’s Osprey with Captain Joe Drosey fishing out of Sunset Marina had an awesome day in the canyons… Read more »

Perfect Timing

By Scott LenoxIt got rough today buddy!!  It didn’t start off too bad this morning with 2.5′ to 3′ seas with “average” wave steepness, but the forecast called for that to change drastically after lunch….and it did!  Buoy station 44009 reported sea conditions changing from 2.5′ to 5.2′ and “very steep” wave steepness in just… Read more »

Inshore Charter Fishing

By Scott LenoxMan we got lucky with tropical storm Colin today!  He went by the coast of Ocean City far enough offshore that we had sunny conditions all day, but close enough that the ocean was closed for fishing.  It was a bit breezy on the beach today, but offshore was down right nasty as… Read more »

Wreckin’ The Flounder

By Scott LenoxON the wrecks that is!!It’s actually a little bit earlier than we usually start to see a good number of flounder on the wrecks and reefs off of Ocean City, but we’ll take it.  One or two flounder mixed in with sea bass this time of year is not rare, but the local… Read more »