Exposure To Stocks Necessary

OCEAN CITY — In the wake of the financial crisis five years ago, many people understandably shifted away from equities. In a “flight to safety,” they switched to U.S. Treasury securities and other fixed-income holdings. Recently, as the economy began to show signs of a sustained recovery, the stock market rose to fresh highs. But… Read more »

A Way To Find Gross And Yield

OCEAN CITY — With interest rates hovering around their historical lows, many investors in recent years have been looking beyond Treasuries and other high-quality bonds to dividend-paying stocks. But not all dividend-paying stocks are created equal. And in today’s markets, you might consider focusing on companies that are increasing their dividends. According to Savita Subramanian,… Read more »

Giving Back While Getting Away

OCEAN CITY — Retired Americans are proving to be extremely generous, and their generosity extends far beyond money. They’re giving their time and experience in a very hands-on way to the causes they care most about. In fact, they have the highest volunteer rate of any age group — and any generation before them, according… Read more »

New Energy For Your Portfolio

OCEAN CITY — In 2012, the U.S. saw the largest expansion in domestic oil and gas production in the more than 150 years since it began drilling commercial wells. Improved technology that can unleash oil and gas from shale rock formations helped domestic oil output grow last year by a record 853,000 barrels a day,… Read more »

Talking To Kids About Money

OCEAN CITY — It’s an age-old parenting dilemma. When a child begins to edge into adulthood, how do you make sure he or she has the knowledge and skills needed to make smart financial decisions? Even if you’re wealthy enough to provide your kids with support and security, you may not want to deprive them… Read more »