Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann – May 12, 2023

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann – May 12, 2023
Photo by Bunk Mann

One of Ocean City’s most popular amusement centers was Planet Maze on Coastal Highway and 33rd Street. Opening in 1995, it was a favorite year-round venue for birthday parties, fundraisers, and good family fun.

Included among the climbing maze and arcade games was Lasertron — the home of every kid’s favorite rainy day activity. Even parents delighted in playing laser tag, wearing headsets that flashed red and green when hit by a light beam from a plastic gun. As one young participant recalled, “the game was always over too soon. We were having so much fun the time just flew by.”

Another feature of Planet Maze was Lost Galaxy Golf where large alien characters were displayed around a lunar landscape of meteors and volcanos. The whole complex was family entertainment at its best.

Planet Maze was torn down in the fall of 2018; today a 105 room hotel, the Tru by Hilton Ocean City Bayside, occupies the former site.

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