Resort Council OK’s Private Event Dates

OCEAN CITY – Dates for Professional Bull Riding, Cruisin OC and the Northeast Regional Surfing Championship were formalized this week.

Among the consent agenda items for Monday’s Mayor and Council meeting were requests to approve dates for several private events in the coming months. The council ultimately approved requests to hold the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) 2023 Northeast Regional Surfing Championships May 12-14, the 32nd Annual Cruisin OC May 18-21 and Professional Bull Riding June 2-4.

During council comments, Councilman Peter Buas questioned the promoter’s plans for alcohol service at the Professional Bull Riding event.

“What’s the status, if there is any, on beer and wine for Bull Riding?” he said. “Last year, I know there was wine because they couldn’t get a license. Do you know what they are doing this year?”

Officials noted that the promoter was seeking to add beer to its alcohol selection this year. City Solicitor Heather Stansbury, however, said state legislation to implement a promoter’s license in Ocean City would not be applicable for this year’s Professional Bull Riding event, should the bill be approved in the Maryland General Assembly.

“If the town is successful with its promoter’s license, that won’t be applicable until after this event,” she explained. “So we have reapply for our entertainment district license, and we’re hopeful the liquor board will approve that. Or, of course, they could go with the more traditional route that may be available with a nonprofit.”

Buas questioned if the promoter had decided how they were going to serve alcohol. Stansbury said it was still undetermined.

“The contract will be written as an either/or,” she said, “but it will not be under the promoter’s license.”

This week’s consent agenda also featured requests to hold an ESA Delmarva 2023 Surf Series on multiple dates, and a request to serve beer and wine at Fiesta Park for a wedding reception in April.

“Will the town be named as an additional insurer for the wedding with alcohol?” Council President Matt James asked.

Stansbury said there was no specific insurance requirement in the submitted application.

“Rather, there is language in the application that seeks to indemnify the town,” she said. “Whether we want to move forward and revise that application, and make changes to that, that would be my recommendation for best practices. Or we can ask this applicant now to do it. But in fairness to the applicant, that’s not a requirement for it to be on the application.”

After further discussion, the council voted 6-0, with Councilwoman Carol Proctor absent, to approve the consent agenda.

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