Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann – December 30, 2022

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann – December 30, 2022
Photo courtesy John Hurlock

The Ocean City beachfront has changed dramatically over the past 65 years. In this picture (circa 1955) taken from a balcony at the old Commander Hotel, the narrowness of the beach in that era is evident, and the photo was taken on low tide.

The placement of the umbrellas suggests a windy day and an old wooden jetty can be seen stretching from the umbrella line into the breakers. All the umbrellas in the ‘50s were rented from beach stands as few had private beach equipment in those days. The Boardwalk was narrow with no seawall to protect it. The seawall would not be completed until 1991 as part of the beach replenishment project.

The town limits ended at 26th Street for most of the 1950s. They would be extended to 41st Street in 1957 and to the Delaware line in 1965.

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