Voices From The Readers – December 9, 2022

Voices From The Readers – December 9, 2022

Berlin Christmas Parade Donors, Volunteers Thanked


On behalf of the Town of Berlin, we would like to thank our sponsors who gave generously to support the 51st Annual Berlin Christmas Parade this year. Their generosity has enabled us to continue this important tradition enjoyed by the entire community. We could not have this parade without their support.

Our sponsors this year were Taylor Bank, Hunan Chinese Restaurant, Bradley Atlantic Insurance Management, Bank of Ocean City, Poole Contracting and Consulting, Gold Crafts, Harrington Graphics, Delaware Backhoe Service, Esham Family Properties, Berlin Oral Surgery, Carey Insurance Group, Action Island, DePalma Dental, T&G Builders, World of Toys, The Dispatch, Henry Fine Arts, The Dusty Lamb and Uncle Willie’s Berlin Food Mart.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who stood out in the cold for hours donating your time so our community could celebrate all the magic and wonder that is the Berlin Christmas Parade. This parade doesn’t happen without the support of Town of Berlin staff, police and a variety of outside agencies who continually offer us unyielding support. Thank you.

Ivy Wells and Allison Early



Shameful Actions By County


While visiting Ocean City for Thanksgiving, an article about needed homeless shelters for the winter here in Worcester County prompted me to write this letter to the editor in thinking about the meaning of Thanksgiving Day, Giving Tuesday and the holiday season as a whole.

Worcester County is moving ahead with citations to residents of White Horse Park (WHP) for living full-time in what they are saying is a seasonally restricted community. For over 40 years, these restrictions were not enforced by the county nor the WHP Board of Directors (BOD). One person initiated this debacle by banging on Commissioner Jim Bunting’s door in 2016. The board received a letter in 2017, nothing was said to the residents of WHP as they had turned a blind eye to it also. Then, in June 2018, Jim Bunting visited a WHP BOD meeting and vowed to enforce these antiquated regulations. A four-year fight ensued, with a grassroots effort within the community reaching out to a local attorney to help. Meetings occurred with the Worcester County Planning Commission and in one such meeting, a board of directors member from Worcester County’s Assateague Point with the same exact regulations was asked, “do you have full-timers living at Assateague Point?” His answer was “Yes, they send a letter each year.” But the regulations are not enforced by a BOD or Worcester County.

According to the regs, homeowners can only visit their property 60 days aggregate from Oct. 1 to March 31. These people pay full taxes, own the property lots and have been issued permits to build permanent foundation homes in WHP and Assateague Point. You can go on VRBO or AirBNB right now and reserve a rental for four to six months in the winter at Assateague Point. Why is White Horse Park being issued citations which can amount to $1,000 a day for noncompliance when Assateague Point is not? Well, according to Jennifer Keener, director, Worcester Development, Review and Permitting, because WHP entered a settlement agreement. They had no choice. But now the Board of Directors at WHP is submitting a monthly security gate count to the county. This is the only way the county would know who is there and who isn’t. Last time I looked this was a free country. They pay their taxes, keep their homes up, and just try to live their lives. My mother is a 100% disabled person; she is facing a fourth back surgery at Johns Hopkins in 2023. She’s put three offers on three homes, but none were accepted in a housing market that has skyrocketed in home sale prices and interest rates. She is in chronic pain, her pain management doctor has documented her chronic pain and mobility issues and it’s all gone to the county. Yet the WHP BOD will send her name along with a few others to the county if she’s there after Dec. 1 to be fined $1,000 a day. Is this what this country is coming to? Disaster, loss of home and homelessness for elderly, disabled folks? Merry Christmas.

Amy Lloyd



A Third World Resort?


What’s the point of having a council if you have committees? I mean come on. So far? The council and mayor are as useless as the current administration.

So far? The council and mayor are holding the potential of Ocean City back with chains and a choke collar. Ocean City is becoming a third world resort because of the political climate of certain corrupt politicians of Worcester County.

Nothing has changed in the resort. Besides higher taxes, more useless policies and criminals beating up locals. You’re paying more taxes and getting beat up for it.

The city council and the mayor have a better chance knocking over a mouse then actually improving ocean city.


Chincoteague, Va.