Fenwick Officials Seek Committee Volunteers

FENWICK ISLAND – Officials in Fenwick Island are seeking volunteers to fill committee vacancies.

In last week’s meeting of the Fenwick Island Town Council, Mayor Natalie Magdeburger announced applications for town committees, commissions and boards will be available through Sept. 15 for those interested in volunteering.

Appointments are made yearly by the mayor and confirmed by the town council.

“It’s the time of the year where we do selections for committees, boards and commissions,” she said. “We have town committees that we’ve had for a number of years, we have the planning commission, which is engaged right now in doing a 10-year plan, and we have the Board of Adjustments.”

In addition to the town’s existing committees, Magdeburger told community members last week she would also be restoring old groups such as the business development committee.

“I want to make it a business concerns committee,” she said. “So not just development, but any concern a business owner has I want to have a committee that will provide them with a place to voice those concerns.”

Magdeburger said there are also plans to incorporate the former parks and recreation committee into the beach committee group.

“We used to have a parks and recreation committee, so I’m going to ask the beach committee to absorb that …,” she said. “I’m going to ask that committee to take on that charge. It will be a lot more work.”

Magdeburger said the town will also form an information technology committee, which will focus on improving communications between the town and its residents.

“We had one many moons ago, but somehow it got lost and I would like to reconstitute that,” she said. “I think we need to do some additional IT updates.”

She continued, “This year we spent [money] trying to get better Zoom technology, better communication technology, and my goal next year is to get more communication out to the public much more quickly.”

Magdeburger noted that applications are available on the town’s website and will be accepted through Sept. 15. Volunteers selected by the mayor will be confirmed at the Sept. 23 town council meeting, she said.

“There will be questions about whether or not you are a fulltime resident, a part-time, whether you are available monthly, whether you are available during the winter months, whether you are able to do Zoom technology …,” she said. “None of those questions bar you from being selected. It just gives us insight in terms of what skillsets or availability you may have to serve on these committees.”

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