Voices From The Readers – June 10, 2022

Voices From The Readers – June 10, 2022

Accountability Questioned


The failed school system of Worcester County and the state of Maryland, maybe start charging parents with neglect. Since these children are going to school with weapons. Like Worcester County charging a 13 year with murder.

Where the hell are the teachers, guidance counselors, parents to take action? The child needs help, and figure out why they were taking a weapon to school before you decide to just press charges. Stop always going after the person who may commit a crime and start doing a law and order and figure what got that person to that point.

The Board of Education, teachers and parents should be charged with neglect. Not paying attention. A 13-year-old getting charged with murder is a bit extreme. What if she was picked on or bullied? Did everyone forget that part? It’s unfortunate in the last 23 years since 1999 that the lack of noticing the signs of bullying is as bad as it was then. Now another young life is charged with a crime. And forever scarred because of the incompetence of the school system of the county.

They are responsible for the students, right? This whole situation could have been solved before it got this far. When are we going to start holding these politic figures, the school systems accountable for incidents like this?

Daniel T. Hagan

Ocean City


OC Event Opposition


Bull riding is animal abuse.

The recent bull riding “event” in Ocean City dismayed me greatly. Local officials believe this is just family fun. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bull riding exploits animals for human amusement. How would the spectators like it if someone rode around on their back in the oppressive summer heat? In addition to an unwanted rider mounting it, a “flank strap” is cinched tightly around a bull’s torso just before it is released, and it is often kicked by spurs. There have also been instances of bulls being shocked to ensure they will leave the chute angry, fearful, and bucking wildly.

Furthermore, there is significant risk of injury to the animal. Ocean City should say no to bull riding in the future.

Ken Ayres



Senior Citizen Discount On Property Taxes Eyed


In 2013, I ran for Ocean City Council because that council refused to hire five police officers that they spent $50,000 on background checks because they wanted to renegotiate the contract. That was a waste of money taxpayer money.

I have been to the council twice to talk about the tax differential with the county and they listen to me but they’re not going do anything. I’ve been retired 12 years June 1. I have lived on a fixed income since that time. The tax bill from the county is two-thirds of my total tax bill.

I wonder how many people in this county are over 65 years of age and living on a fixed income. I am a veteran with an honorable discharge and I’m not entitled VA benefits because my income is too high. I retired from Delmarva Power with 30 years of service and I receive Social Security benefits which pay taxes on as regular income.

I just wonder how many people in this county that are over 65 years of age and are on a fixed income. Why isn’t it possible that the county and the state and the city of Ocean City cannot give people over 65 years of age a 25% discount on their taxes of the home that they live in? That’s my question why. I’m going back to work at age 75 in order to supplement my income at this time. It would be nice if the county, state and the city would give people over 65 years of age a discount of 25% or more but that’s just a dream.

John F. Adkins

Ocean City


Time For Economic Action


By watching the news media and listening to individuals from the White House speak, it appears our inflation problems, high gas prices, high food prices, supply chain disruptions, and all the rest of our present-day ills are the cause of the war in Ukraine. Most American know better than that. All the more reason we should be energy independent and all our products made here in the US.

When is this Administration going to start working for the American people? It appears the cabinet members don’t understand their job, which is why people should be picked who are familiar with the particular government agency instead of putting one of your donors or like-minded friends in those positions of power.

We can worry about the world economy, but we first must concern ourselves with our economy. You cannot help others unless we are self-sufficient. This administration wants to change our whole economy and how we, the one who pay the taxes, live. We do not have alternative energy in place yet and may never have it in place and are tired of hearing words, we need action now. We need to survive now. What is this administration waiting for?

This gets back to who we put in all of our elected offices, federal, state, local. We must be aware of their philosophy and is it just talk or do they walk the walk. We have been conned by the news media and what they have constantly, constantly reported as the truth. The news media is supposed to report news, not sensationalize it and neither should politicians. You must do your own research and choose wisely. This is the best country in the world where, when your put your mind to it you can be or do anything you want and we do not want to ever lose that.

The Constitution and our Bill of Rights need to be taught in school and why and how this document came about. I am sure most of our politicians or teachers have never read it, nor it appears understand it.

JoAnn Roland