Worcester Prep’s Pre-Kindergarten Conducted Experiments with Eggs

Students ELast week, Worcester Preparatory School’s pre-kindergarten class conducted a series of experiments with eggs being the key ingredients. Both experiments resulted in a great day full of fun, all while students learned about the force behind gravity. Pictured, front from left, are Camila Prosser, Caroline McCready, Natalie Gjikuria, Sienna Fawcett and Harper Zervakos; second row, from left, Savannah Baker, Parker Moreland, Sloane Dalen, Romie Crevecoeur, Anna Harrison, Claire Leiner, Ellie Tunis and Victoria Gonokhina; and top, Christian Williams, Ilya Buinovskis, Dylan Brandt, Henry Leslie, Thomas Kozakiewicz and Jack Farr.

Below left, students Dylan Brandt and Romie Crevecoeur prepare to drop eggs in their hand-crafted parachutes to see if the egg will break. Below right, teacher Kim Zaccagnini preps student Natalie Gjikuria to take a whack at the pie pan for the egg to fall into the glass of water.

Students F

Students G