Security Company Expands Offerings To Meet Demand

Security Company Expands Offerings To Meet Demand
USTASC is expanding its services to meet the demand for professional security services. Pictured above are Chief Evan Avnet and USTASC employee Jenson Shorter. Photo by Bethany Hooper

SALISBURY – With a decade of operation in the books, a Salisbury security company is expanding its services.

Since 2012, USTASC – Tactical American Security Consulting – has provided professional security services to clients throughout the Eastern Shore. Featuring armed and unarmed officers, security operations, consultations and training programs, Chief Evan Avnet said customers receive top-of-the-line service.

“We are not the cheapest security company out there, but we provide the best quality, training to our personnel and attention to our clients,” he said. “We don’t just provide a warm body … we provide professionalism.”

Avnet first launched USTASC in 2012, following a 15-year stint in law enforcement. But what began as a company offering firearms training soon grew to become a full-fledged security provider. Today, USTASC offers security consulting, armed and unarmed security officers, firearms training, active shooter prevention programs, and more. Clients include homeowners associations, hotels and motels, apartment complexes and cannabis dispensaries, to name a few.

“We serve all of Maryland,” he said.

But Avnet said USTASC is not stopping there. In the past year, the company has expanded its security consulting and private investigation work, often working hand in hand with insurance companies. USTASC is also seeking the required licenses to operate in Delaware.

“We have also increased the number of armed personnel,” he said, “because they are being requested more by clients.”

Avnet said it is not a surprising trend. As crime increases and law enforcement agencies face challenges related to police reform, he said many individuals feel a greater need to protect themselves. That’s where USTASC comes in, Avnet explained.

“We’re really the first-line responders to any incident that occurs on the properties we service,” he said.

Avnet said USTASC employees undergo extensive training and licensing processes. In addition, armed security officers complete quarterly qualifications, and year-round staff complete pepper spray, baton and JPX pepper gun training.

“JPX is a relatively new device that in many aspects is taking the place of a Taser, even in police departments …,” he said. “It fires a glob of OC pepper spray from a distance of 23 feet by explosive discharge, by 9 mm wafer.”

Avnet also noted that USTASC offers clients the tools to protect themselves in any situation. In addition to providing firearms training and two-day courses for business owners seeking unrestricted handgun permits, the company also sells JPX pepper guns, which cost around $500.

“It’s not a regulated weapon, so it’s not considered a firearm by the ATF,” he explained. “So we feel that’s a good stopgap measure between deterrents and lethal force in the force continuum.”

For more information on USTASC and all of its services, visit or visit any of the company’s social media pages. Avnet also encouraged property owners to contact the Maryland State Police licensing division, or visit, before hiring a security company.

“There’s a lot of, unfortunately, unscrupulous, unlicensed security companies out there that are forging licensure by the Maryland State Police and are actually forging insurance coverage documents,” he said.

Avnet added that USTASC is hiring, with perks that include health and dental insurance, 401k with company match, gas stipends, a gift card reward program and more. Those interested can fill out the online application, located on the company’s website.

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