Habitat Fair Hosted

The second grade hosted a Habitat Fair for students, staff and family to attend and learn about the different places an animal makes a home, from the rainforest to polar and all the habitats in between. Following class lessons on habitats, it was the students turn to become the teacher by taking a month to research and write about an individual habitat selected. They even chose an animal to be featured in their habitat, and with art teacher Rebecca Tittermary helped them each create a magic model of the animal in art class. The project was also carried on to computer class where Julie Lyons helped them type all their research on the Seesaw program.

Students D


Above, Mykolas Doyle was excited to have his dad, Brandon Doyle, visit his Polar Habitat display. Below, from left, are second grader Charlize Damouni is pictured with mom Helen, sister Gabriella and brother Jude with her forest exhibit. Below center, Carter Harrison is joined by his mom, second grade teacher Abby Harrison and his dad, Chris Harrison, visit his savanna grasslands habitat. Below right, parent Benjamin Kremer was as excited as his daughter, Sloane, to visit all of her classmates’ habitats at the fair.

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