OCPD Activity Highlights Enforcement

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City’s police chief attributes an increase in arrests and calls for service to proactive enforcement initiatives.

On Monday, Ocean City Police Department Chief Ross Buzzuro presented members of the Ocean City Police Commission with an update on police activity for the month of February.

Buzzuro noted that officer calls for service decreased from 1,221 in February 2020 – the most recent pre-pandemic data – to 1,141 in February 2022, and citizen calls for service decreased from 567 to 429.

“We were down on both sides, both officer and citizen calls for service,” he told commission members.

Councilman Lloyd Martin, commission chair, noted citizen calls for service reflected the police department’s efforts.

“I appreciate when calls from citizens are down,” he said. “When citizens don’t call, it means you guys are out there doing your job.”

Overall, calls for service decreased from 1,788 to 1,570 in February. In the top 25 calls for service, suspicious activity calls decreased from 74 to 59, citizen assists decreased from 119 to 110 and welfare checks decreased from 89 to 44. Disorderly calls, Buzzuro noted, increased from 23 to 33.

“Some of the indicators look pretty good …,” he said. “Disorderly calls were slightly up but the numbers don’t represent anything that is glaring or anything that’s out of a degree of normality.”

Buzzuro added that traffic stops had also increased from 472 to 565. He noted, however, that the increase was a result of traffic monitoring initiatives throughout town.

Since late last year, for example, the police department has ramped up its traffic enforcement measures after receiving complaints of speeding along 142nd Street, a pass-through road of sorts for motorists traveling between Route 54 and Coastal Highway.

“There has been a noticeable increase in traffic stops …,” he said. “That is the result of proactive enforcement, especially in certain neighborhoods, one being Caine Woods, where we have had traffic details around the 142nd Street corridor. That continues as it has throughout several months.”

Under February enforcement, DUI arrests increased from 13 to 19, custodial arrests increased from 71 to 89 and weapons arrests increased from three to nine.

“Weapons arrests are up, another example of proactive enforcement …,” he said. “We have encumbered nine guns so far this year.”

Buzzuro continued to stress the police department’s proactive enforcement efforts.

“Officers are doing their jobs out there, being very proactive …,” he said. “All in all, very productive enforcement efforts for the month of February.”

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