Voices From The Readers – August 13, 2021

Voices From The Readers – August 13, 2021

‘Vaccinations A Must’ Response


If you have the vaccine, why would you care if others choose for various good reasons, to skip?

If you are vaccinated, why would you mask up? Meanwhile, science says masks don’t work and positivity rates are the same between groups with masks vs no mask.

Do some more homework and stop trying to make good people wrong or shamed for making their own informed decision.

If you’re afraid of the virus, stay home. I will leave the “moron” comment alone.

John Fager



Beach Flag System Needed


My heart aches for the family of the young swimmer who lost his life last week in Ocean City. First, many thanks to the Ocean City Beach Patrol, first responders, and the U. S. Coast Guard for a gallant rescue attempt. Second, rip currents are real.

The average beachgoer however, does not recognize nature’s warning signs despite the efforts of many to educate them. It is time for the city to institute a beach flag system — that is, actual high flying flags along the beach that serve as a visual reminder that denote dangerous, cautionary or safe surf conditions by color. Postings on the back of life guard stands are helpful but often overlooked. These types of flag systems are currently in use on public beaches up and down our coasts. Why not here?

It’s true a warning flag might not have prevented last week’s tragic drowning. Then again. It might have.

Kathleen Suthard


Prohibit Canopies In OC


(The following letter was sent to the Ocean City Mayor and City Council with a copy shared with this publication.)

I have been a visitor to Ocean City my entire life. That means more than 70 years, and I don’t think I’ve missed a year since I was one year old. In the past few years, I have seen a change on the beach that I feel necessitates comment. There has of late been an increase in the number of “pop-up, portable, collapsible canopies.” As bad as I consider the device itself, the manner in which people have utilized the canopies is rude and inconsiderate. They infringe on the rights of others and constitute a nuisance and hazard to safety.  I think the Mayor and City Council should ban the devices from the beach, as Myrtle Beach to our south has done.

I own a unit in the Capri condominium, which overlooks the beach in front of the Capri and the Golden Sands next door. Our beach has eroded to the point where there is less than 100 yards from dune line to water. Because of the large size of some of the canopies, it is common for users to go to the beach shortly after dawn to erect them. If they wait until the time that they actually want to use the canopy, it is possible that there will not be enough empty space to locate the canopy in the desirable location near the surf. The canopies then typically sit empty until about 11 a.m. when the users arrive on the beach for their day. The canopies have thereby enjoined use of that section of beach by others who may want to use it right then.

In fully half of the cases that I have observed of late, the canopies continue to be empty, as the people who set them up are sitting in chairs outside the canopy, in the sun.  This in essence converts large sections of beach to the “private property” of the canopy user. In some cases, there are guywires at each corner which further extends the territory reserved for the personal use of the canopy owner and constitutes a trip hazard to people passing by. In one case I observed a couple weeks ago, the user further extended his claim by planting small American flags around two very large canopies planted side by side. The total area taken up by this encampment was approximately 45 feet by 25 feet. There were four people seated under the canopies. The planted flags constituted a hazard, should some adult or child trip on the sand and fall on the upright shaft holding the flag.

On the Fourth of July, there were so many of the canopies crowding the beach that it was difficult to pick a path to the water.

In summary, I object to the canopies because they effectively restrict unreasonably large areas of the public beach to private use, unreasonably obstruct access to portions of the beach, are a safety hazard when guywires are used, and generally infringe on enjoyment of the beach by the general public.

The Ocean City beach is intended to be a public park, and not intended to be staked out in large parcels for the private use of individuals. Myrtle Beach has recognized the infringement on public use caused by these obtrusive structures and banned them from May 15-Sept. 15. The only thing allowed is a round umbrella no more than 7-1/2 feet in diameter supported by a single center pole. No square shaped shelters are allowed.

I urge the Mayor and City Council to enact similar restrictions in Ocean City.

Karl Dickel

Ocean City



The unvaccinated American citizens.

I understand your concern based on the fact that every news channel and our politicians has scared the (bleep) out of us. It appears that you have had your vaccination and based on supposedly factual information you should be safe from everyone and no need to worry about the unvaccinated. That is something you felt you needed to do for you family, why are others not allowed the same courtesy. It appears that you feel the need to demean certain American taxpayers who for whatever reason, be it medical, religious or just waiting to find out what it in this so-called JAB, as morons singling them out to separate them from, I assume what you consider, educated smart elite individuals. At least for now, we still have individual rights in this country and get to choose what we put in our bodies. Isn’t that what they always say about women?

Having said that, we need to get back to a normal way of life and treat this as we treat all the other major health issues that have plagued this country in my lifetime. There was a time when AIDS was  considered contagious and the news media and individuals condemned anyone who came down with it until they found the medical reason for it. There was a young boy who was kicked out of school and demeaned by the news media and the public who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion. He was condemned to his home until he eventually died, then they finally determined after the fact, it was not contagious. Blood was not tested at the time for aids before it was given to individuals at the hospital. If you had received a blood transfusion you were sent a letter that there was a possibility that you had contracted aids and needed to be tested. There have been years where the flu was killing many people, young and old and schools had to be closed because of it. Never in any of these cases was it made political or was the government demanding that you take the flu shot or else you would be ostracized from public venues and constantly demeaned. Last check, I have not had anyone ask me if I had the flu shot or show me your card before I was allowed in anywhere. This decision should be between you and your doctor.

One very important comment, we need to be very concerned about who we elect to all these different political offices. We as taxpayer Americans have been very lax on reading and checking these individuals who are running for offices and who is in office as to what their platform really is and are they in it for a personal agenda and personal gain. Your state politicians have a responsibility to see that the people of their state are protected and have the freedoms to achieve whatever they can. Your government also has that responsibility, as do HOA’s, local school boards etc. We as Americans have become very comfortable and complacent. Remember your tax dollars pay for all these services by the way of taxes on your phones, house, property, utility bill, gas etc. Nowhere whether it is federal or state or local, is there a money tree in back yards of the State House or White House or even your own house.

Jo Roland



No To Beach Fireworks


Why does OC allow fireworks on the beach? There are so many dogs of owners and renters, that become very anxious when they hear fireworks. Pets are very loved and appreciated by families and yet this community doesn’t take into consideration that our pets go through hell every time someone on the beach decides to light off fireworks.

It’s bad enough with all the bonfires on the beach creating a smoky smell-and haze that you can’t even sit on your balcony without smelling like you’ve been at a campfire in the woods. If I wanted to smell a campfire fire I would buy a condo at Deep Creek. My dog is constantly panting and pacing at night, not just the 4th of July holiday, but all summer long. Why can’t OC limit fireworks/bonfires?

OC has no appreciation for the people who own property in their town. Not only do the tourists trash our beloved streets and beaches but now they are terrorizing our pets because of the use of fireworks.  Is Ocean City afraid to set laws and enforce them? Do we love Ocean City or are we going to let it get ruined like other resort towns? We pay a lot of money in condo fees and in OC taxes but feel abused by summer renters.

Moira Benzing

Ocean City