Voices From The Readers – July 16, 2021

Voices From The Readers – July 16, 2021

Letters Merit Response


The trio of letters in the July 2 issue regarding enforcement of town laws on the Boardwalk are even more senseless than the ones advocating the wind farm hucksters.

The first one loses credibility when the writer indicates getting her information from The Washington Post. This publication’s integrity and validity has been on a death spiral for years and is best suited these days for bird cage liner.

She’s “appalled” at the weapons that unfortunately have become a necessity for the OCPD at various times. I suppose she’d rather see them in possession of the criminal element that is increasingly infiltrating our town.

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The next entry, contributed by a candidate for State Senate, does make some great points as to what is needed to improve the efficiency of interactions between our law enforcement officers and the public. While the letter is lacking in specific solutions, it is a serviceable icebreaker for bringing about change for the good of all.

But leave it to a law offender’s best friend to go full tilt with the boorish white supremacy and race card narrative. The ACLU’s amusing submission left me speechless. As always seems to be the case these days, they are basing their opinion on video edited and cherry picked to fit their narrative of coddling the transgressors, who could have simply cooperated, been given a warning and gone on their way.

Carrying guns, knives, drugs, verbally threatening to kill OCPD officers and in general, escalating the situation to its boiling point, is a far cry from “hanging out with friends and having fun during times like Senior Week.”

Fact: The 10-15% slice of demographics that the ACLU claims are “mistreated,” are incriminatingly responsible for approximately 70-80% of all crime. It’s not racial profiling, “lack of humanity” or “no regard for their young age or for pain, trauma, and danger”. It’s the Law of Averages. Perhaps the ACLU should spend their time brainstorming solutions to the undeniable root of this statistic; 70-plus% fatherless households and decline of the nuclear family.

Without proper parenting, notably instilling the simple understanding of how to interact with authority figures, teachers, police, etc., it’s no wonder we law-abiding folks are hesitant to enjoy the Boardwalk lately for our own safety.

What about our civil liberties?

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Guggenheim

Ocean City


An Activist Tribute To America

For many moons I never celebrated July 4th in part because I never believed the nation celebrated me and my community. America often reflected the false narrative that July 4th was the providence of only White Americans.
Of course reality and facts never endorsed nor acknowledged this myth and false script of patriotism.
America has never been a White Nation despite so much of our history and national experiences sought to pay homage to this false narrative
Truth is I am a patriot, soaked in the passion of being free and imbued with the inalienable right to secure life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness for family, friends and others including myself.

Many observe only the hue of my skin without exploring the substance of my character. In fact, I am one of those responders in America that come to the aid of those rejected and denied the awesome splendor of America.
I love the experiences of unity, pride and share accomplishments of my country. I never take for granted the food on my table, the heat in my home the incredible service of Americans that have healed my wounds and educated me while many are away from their families and homes.
Let it be known that I love America and I will never betray nor abandon my country when sometimes I feel it has abandoned me. I will never surrender to evil, hate and cynicism of fell expectations and hollow promises of pledges, rhetoric and misinformation.

I was made in Detroit, born out of the reality of America that dreams do come true.

I am not cancelling America when I am a Black Activist/Responder.

I am not cancelling America when I advocate for its ideals to be extended for all americans.

I am the best of America because I am a Black Activist/Responder in America. Happy Birthday America . God Bless America.

Greg Thrasher

Fenwick Island