Voices From The Readers – June 25, 2021

Voices From The Readers – June 25, 2021

Incident Disputed


After reviewing Tara Courtland’s alleged account of the June 14 incident on the Boardwalk, I’m wondering what planet she was on at the time and can only describe her rendition of the event as suspicious. I was also witness to this encounter, and can assure that Courtland’s narrative simply did not occur.

The individuals that triggered the incident were given several professional requests and warnings from OCPD officers and rather than simply comply and go on their way, continued to become increasingly belligerent, hostile and confrontational. Law enforcement officers were more than patient and were given no choice but to enact measures as they were trained to do.

There was no way officers could have “deescalated the situation or admonish everyone involved”.

Bluewater Advertorial  

What happened that day was another repeat performance of an occurrence that we read about on an almost daily basis these days; young men with zero social skills who have never received mentoring on how to interact with authority, or for that matter, in public. Their insubordination is fostered at home, reinforced in school, and unfortunately, comes to a violent conclusion when challenging law enforcement officers who are simply doing the job that we trust they will do. The overwhelming majority of these incidents involve minor infractions which could be easily dismissed by compliance.

Whenever situations like this happen, the media always seems to highlight the subsequent necessary actions of law enforcement while ignoring what the offenders did to warrant the outcome. I’m sure the omnipresent dozens of onlookers filming the incident also edited their recorded material accordingly.  This is also the case with Courtland’s fictional version of the story.

And it’s no surprise that most of these encounters end up exposing a weapon and/or drug violation.

What many do not seem to understand is that the police do not enact laws, they simply enforce them. It’s their job. Those that complain about “trivial” ordinances, vaping, crosswalks, noise, etc., need to take their case to the city government, not the OCPD.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, I suggest you read Steven Green’s June 18 “Thoughts from the Publisher’s Desk.” It’s right on the money.

David Armbruster



Extreme Legislation Alert


For decades, radical extremists have been trying to create a campaign finance and campaign regulation regime that will tilt the playing field to the left once and for all. Tired of having to work hard of campaigning for office, or working with fellow citizens to affect the outcome of a vote on a piece of legislation, they’ve decided just to rig the game for all future battles. Their dream legislation – H.R. 1 in the House, and S. 1 in the U.S. Senate – would do just that.

The bill’s various titles, if enacted, would abandon more than two centuries’ experience with state-level election administration, by centralizing election administration and regulation in Washington, DC. State laws requiring voter ID would be overturned. States would be required to massively enlarge their voter rolls, by automatically registering persons who use state agencies, even if they’re not eligible to vote because they are not citizens. A public financing scheme – yes, welfare for politicians – would be implemented, with six-to-one match, so a contribution of $200 would be matched by a federal grant of $1,200.

But it’s not just election laws that would be changed. The bill would also add cumbersome new restrictions and regulations on those who join their fellow citizens to exercise their First Amendment rights to assemble for the purpose of petitioning the government.

I urge my fellow residents of Berlin to call both Senators and your Representative, and urge them to oppose this terrible legislation.

Katherine Azbell



Support For OCPD


After reading the crime report from last week I was exhausted. I mean really, I wanted to go lay down. The Dispatch may have to publish twice weekly to accommodate all the police reports.

We live here so the June pilgrimage of criminals, drunks, degenerates and domestic abusers is now part of our identity. This year we have seen things ratchet up a bit with an extraordinary increase in arrests that involve guns. Last year it appeared to be martial arts weapons but it seems we are moving up. How sadly ironic that in this same issue is an extensive story on the effort to “Re-brand” Ocean City. Good luck with that, although a fitting marketing slogan to the “Discover Downtown” campaign might be to have the added tag line “just follow the sound of the gunfire.”

We may have to be like the old west towns that made people check their guns before they cross the bridge. While they are unlikely to do that voluntarily, perhaps we could establish an incentive program along the lines of the COVID vaccine where if they check their guns they get unlimited rides at Trimpers, or give them a million skeeball tickets, or a free crab cake. Then they can collect their guns on the way back out of town, assuming they have not been arrested for some other infraction while they were here.

The scary part of these gun arrests is to think how many are not getting caught. Thankfully many of these gun-toters are idiots who get caught for a moving violation and invariably are smoking pot, which leads to a search. But there must be a few drug dealing, gun carrying visitors who are smart enough to wait until they finish selling their drugs and smoke pot once they get back to wherever they are staying. Who knows what they would do if stopped.

In all seriousness, guns go off. One of these days we are going to have a genuine tragedy here. Our cops are doing an outstanding job but the percentages are not with us to continue to avoid a real shootout. Our Mayor, city council, and citizenry must demand of the state and county court systems that prosecute these troublemakers to send a message. We need tougher sentences across the board, the last few years have been a joke as we read the punishments handed out. But when it comes to guns we need to take it to another level. If these criminals — and thats what they are — knew that if they get caught with a handgun in city limits they would face a mandatory year or two — no questions asked — they just might not bring it.

Until then it may get worse before it gets better. As for the cops, we back the badge. They show amazing restraint given the total lack of respect they face every day. I wish the national news about last week’s tasing had shown the “victim” swinging a bike at the public safety officers.

Tony Douglas

Ocean City


Viewpoint Applauded


My husband and I are new to OC and the recent taser incident happened right on the steps of our condo.
I wanted to applaud Editor Steve Green for his editorial and let you know how wonderful it is to find leaders here that are not cowering under the current tidal wave of insanity. It takes brave souls to announce that the emperor has no clothes. This assumption that people of color are all innocent victims and police are racist brutes has got to stop. To make heroes and saints of bullies, thugs and criminals is destined to bring a complete meltdown of our society. We can already see it happening with the number of police attacked and killed and the increase in violence with no one to stop it.

No one wants to see abuse of authority or excessive force but if we don’t give the police reasonable latitude to control violent people we are going to find ourselves one day with no law left at all.
I so admire people like you who are willing to step into the fray.
I hope reason will ultimately win.
Thank you for your bravery.

Janet Kurtz

Ocean City


Dangerous Congressman


Throughout the last 10 years, Congressman Andy Harris has been a dangerous mix of ineffective and radical. During his entire tenure in office he has passed one bill, renaming a post office. However, where Harris has been dangerous is in the ideology he pushes. He has openly associated with White Nationalists like Chuck Johnson and Steve King.

He voted against funding for 9/11 first responders and rewarding the brave officers who defended the capital on January 6th. He also has pushed the big lie saying the election was rigged. These lies directly resulted in the insurrection and an attack on the very American ideals we hold near and dear.

Through it all the following local leaders have remained silent through these misdeeds and continued to support a man they know to be dangerous. We have no doubt that this is due to the large amounts of campaign contributions they have accepted from Andy Harris and his campaign.  Senator Mary Beth Carozza, $10,725; Delegate Carl Anderton Jr., $5,000; Delegate Johnny Mautz, $2,500; Senator Addie Eckardt, $2,000; Delegate Chris Adams, $2,000; Delegate Wayne Hartman, $2,000; Wicomico Councilmember, Nicole Acle $500; and Delegate Charles Otto $500.

Decency For District One calls on these representatives to return these donations, stand with our police and first responders, and commit to rejecting the radical politics of the insurrection.

Decency For District One

Bel Air