Cops & Courts – April 23, 2021

Cops & Courts – April 23, 2021

Drawers Dropped On Boards

OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man was arrested last weekend after allegedly dropping his drawers and threatening to fight a group of young males on the Boardwalk.

Around 11:20 p.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to the area of 1st Street and the Boardwalk for a report of a shirtless male who was trying to fight people on the Boardwalk. As the officer arrived on scene, he reportedly observed a group of about 30 people in the area of 1st Street. The officer observed the suspect, later identified as Blake Stough, 24, of Dover, Pa., shirtless and wearing only boxer-style underwear.

As the officer approached the scene, he reportedly could hear Stough yelling. As the officer got closer, he reportedly observed Stough pull down his boxers and expose himself to everyone in the immediate area. Moments later, he reportedly pulled his underwear back up.

The officer observed Stough yelling at a group of adolescent males who were stopped on the Boardwalk. The officer reportedly heard Stough threaten to fight the younger males as he continued to yell and curse at them. The officer reportedly observed Stough remove his boots because the jeans he had removed were stuck on them.

When Stough reached the officer’s location, he reportedly put his arms out to the side and said, “I don’t give a [expletive deleted]” and told the officers the young males were “running their mouths” to him. The officer ordered Stough to get on the ground and informed him he was under arrest. Because Stough was a large-statured individual around 6 feet tall and roughly 300 pounds, the officer drew and armed a conducted electrical weapon, or Taser, and ordered Stough to the ground.

Stough did not comply and walked closer to the officer, getting within six inches of the officer. When he continued to not comply with the officer’s demands, the officer utilized a palm strike to the center of his chest, causing his to stumble backward and nearly fall. With the assistance of other officers now on scene, Stough was handcuffed using three sets of handcuffs because of his large size, according to police reports. He was charged with disorderly conduct.


Motor Vehicle Theft

OCEAN CITY — A Waldorf, Md. man was arrested last weekend after allegedly assaulting his wife during a domestic dispute and then unlawfully taking her vehicle.

Around 5:40 p.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer patrolling downtown was dispatched to a hotel at 11th Street for a reported domestic dispute. Communications advised guests staying in a third-floor room reported hearing a domestic dispute or assault occurring in an adjacent room.

Upon arrival, OCPD officers observed a female standing outside the hotel in an alley between 11th and 12th Streets. According to police reports, the female was crying and standing with packed luggage. The female reportedly told police she had been in an argument with her husband, identified as Delante Praylow, 25, of Waldorf, Md., because she had learned he had been cheating on him. As a result, she and Praylow had gotten into a physical altercation that ended with him taking her vehicle and leaving her at the hotel.

The victim told police the vehicle was registered in her name only and that Praylow only occasionally drove it. She reportedly told police she had provided Praylow with a key for use in emergencies only. It was the only vehicle the couple traveled to Ocean City in.

The victim reportedly told police the argument became physical when Praylow walked past her and elbowed her. After some shoving between the couple, Praylow reportedly grabbed the victim by the arms and pushed her onto a bed. According to police reports, Praylow picked up the victim’s purse and suitcase and threw them across the room, before punching a hotel wall, grabbing his belongings and leaving.

The victim then packed up her belongings and walked out to the parking garage where he vehicle was parked. Praylow had already started driving the victim’s car, leaving the spot and driving toward the exit. Praylow did not pick up the victim and continued on so that she had to move out of the way to avoid being struck.

While speaking with police, the victim was able to reach Praylow on the phone. He reportedly told her he would return the vehicle, but that he was 30 minutes away. OCPD officers located Praylow and the vehicle on 11th Street.

According to police reports, the victim had red marks on her left forearm and her right bicep. By now, OCPD officers were detaining Praylow and were attempting to take him into custody when he began screaming “No, don’t cuff me,” according to police reports. He reportedly attempted to twist his body and pull away to avoid being handcuffed, and an OCPD officer had to perform a takedown maneuver to finally get him to stop resisting.

Praylow reportedly told police the victim had shoved him during the argument and had hit him in the face. When asked where he had been struck, Praylow first said the left side of his face, then changed and said the right. He did have an abrasion on his right cheek, which was consistent with making contact with the pavement during the takedown maneuver. Based on the evidence and testimony, Praylow was charged with second-degree assault, motor vehicle theft and resisting arrest.


Hotel Disturbance Arrest

OCEAN CITY — A New Jersey man was arrested last weekend after causing a disturbance at a midtown hotel and later scrapping with police officers.

Around 11:30 p.m. last Friday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to a hotel at 43rd Street for a reported suspicious person. One of the hotel guests had reportedly complained the suspect, identified as Justin Kizee, 40, of Glassboro, N.J., had been attempting to take pictures of him.

The officer made contact with Kizee, who was extremely confrontational, according to police reports. He reportedly changed moods from being aggressive to acting completely compliant. It took requests from multiple officers before he provided his New Jersey driver’s license.

Kizee had to be told multiple times to leave the property, according to police reports. He reportedly launched an expletive-laced tirade at the officers, who remained in the area after Kizee left because of his behavior.

A short time later, Kizee reportedly approached an OCPD officer’s patrol car in the area of 48th Street. Kizee was visibly irate while speaking with the officer, who advised him to back away from the patrol vehicle multiple times. Another officer interceded and told Kizee to back away, but Kizee aggressively stepped toward the officer with a closed fist and later threatened the officer, according to police reports.

Kizee then started walking westbound in the crosswalk at 48th Street against a red signal. Traffic on Coastal Highway had green lights in both directions and motorists could not travel freely because of Kizee’s actions. When Kizee ran across the southbound lanes, he was nearly struck by a vehicle, according to police reports.

He was ultimately arrested and charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing and hindering.


Jail Time For Cop Assault

OCEAN CITY — A Delaware man, arrested on multiple charges last June after first skipping out on a bar tab and then scrapping with numerous police officers attempting to arrest and detain him, pleaded guilty this week and was sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Around 10:30 p.m. last June 26, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers were patrolling in the area of 28th Street when they were waved over by an employee of a nearby bar and restaurant. The employee advised police a suspect, later identified as Harry Marker III, 32, of Wilmington, Del., sitting at a picnic table nearby had been a patron at his establishment and had walked out on a $36 bar tab.

The bar employee told police he followed Marker to the area of a nearby sub shop and waited for the police to arrive. The employee told police Marker allegedly argued about the bill and eventually, the credit card he gave the employee had been declined. The employee was still in possession of Marker’s credit card when police arrived.

OCPD officers approached Marker and observed abrasions on his right hand and right knee. When the officers asked Marker if he needed medical attention to which he replied with an expletive. According to police reports, Marker was highly intoxicated and asked the officers if their body cameras were on. When the officers replied no, Marker reportedly told them “Get a [expletive deleted] body camera on and come back to me.” By now, other OCPD officers arrived on the scene because the incident was getting tense and rapidly evolving, according to police reports.

The initial officer attempted to get Marker back into a seated position, but the suspect swatted the officer’s arm away. The officer then drew is taser and activated it, pointing it at Marker’s midsection and telling him at that point he was under arrest. Marker allegedly continued to scuffle with other OCPD officers and launched into an expletive-laced tirade as a crowd of onlookers gathered.

Marker was repeatedly banging his head back and forth while in handcuffs and seated on a bench. Five OCPD officers carried a still-resisting Marker to the transport van and he was ultimately placed in a violent person restraint device. During the attempt to get Marker in the transport van, multiple OCPD officers were either kicked or head-butted by the suspect, according to police reports.

At the Public Safety Building, Marker continued his alleged assault on police and correctional officers attempting to get him into a cell, slapping one officer and pushing another. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to theft under $100 and one count of second-degree assault and was sentenced to 18 months in jail.