Voices From The Readers – November 27, 2020

Voices From The Readers – November 27, 2020

Events Misrepresented


Your editorial regarding late September events is troublesome as you consistently refer to them as being held on the “weekend.”

Bike Week — as Cruisin Week — are officially monikered thusly as they begin Thursday, by definition midweek: three days behind, three days ahead. The same with Springfest and Sunfest. Indeed, the latter’s most hyper occupied day was the first, Thursday.

It’s unfortunate that the media continues to unintentionally reinforce the perception that we’re the place to go on Saturday/Sunday at the expense of the weekdays which as you know the town is trying to promote. Continued use of the term “weekend” simply serves to repeat the misconception that that’s the time to visit when in fact the opposite is true: less crowded, more specials, good deals and discounts and a more agreeable non “weekend warrior” class of people (most locals don’t work weekdays and are out and about as well).

Remember, perception is reality.

Stone Scruggs

Ocean City


Political Reactions


•How can people really believe Biden fairly defeated Trump? They probably don’t believe it but don’t care as long as they won. But they didn’t win because they lost some of their democracy they have always taken for granted. They are indeed “useful idiots” as Vladimir Lenin would term them. They are too brain washed to consider facts which they hate and ignore and prefer propaganda from sources they don’t even know. Facts: Trump got nine million more votes than in 2016 and held rallies all over America totaling millions in attendance. Biden was the worst candidate, probably, in American history having early signs of dementia with a very unpopular running mate. He hardly campaigned, had very few accomplishments in politics in 47 years, provably aided his son getting rich because he was vice president, has implied his own racism, etc. Add to this a whole host of irregularities in the election some of which are:

•Pennsylvania governance changed state voting laws without legislation approval.

•Philadelphia election observers were forced to stand 30 to 100 feet away from vote counting. Giuliani claims that over 450,000 votes were un-observed and fraudulent.

•Pennsylvania postal worker was directed to back date ballot envelops by his employer.

•23,000 blue ballots appeared over-night and found in Pennsylvania.

•450,000 ballots only voted for Biden and no other items on the ballot.

•Michigan Republican poll challengers were removed from Detroit election stations for large periods of time.

•A county in Michigan identified a Dominion software glitch that resulted in changing 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. The same Dominion software is used in 47 other polling locations in Michigan and 30 other states.

•135,000 blue ballots appeared over-night via a van and found in Detroit, Mich. where poll observers were not allowed back into the room.

(BULLET)Nevada witnesses claim that 1,000 votes were filled out at one time at a Biden/Harris van outside an election station.

•Las Vegas election observers were asked to leave with 1 ½ hours of work left to do on day one of the election.

•Arizona had a Sharpie scandal where in several election locations voters were handed Sharpies (that their website says should not be used as they bleed through).

•Maricopa County, Ariz. reports that substantial number of votes were wrongly rejected.

How can these Biden supporters be honest with themselves and be happy with a president that got into office as one would in a totalitarian regime elsewhere?? The Democrats never stopped, in four years, accusing Trump of stealing the 2016 election with absolutely no evidence. They launched a $38 million, 2.5-year inquiry looking for a crime with no evidence. Here we have a fire hose of evidence needing to be proven and Democrats are resisting. They are amazing hypocrites. Our democracy depends on rooting out the evil that has overtaken this country.

The greatest fear we should have is not a Harris/Biden presidency that will go away in four years, but the phenomenally shortsighted, naive and Trump hating Americans that voted for Biden. This is the real systemic sickness that will be with us for a long time. What is wrong with the minds of these Americans that are willing to throw away the greatest democracy the world has ever known which can never be replaced?

Dennis W. Evans



Day’s Sales Will Be Donated


Now more than ever, we understand that it is really important to support the people in need in our communities. SoDel Cares has been a long-standing partner to many organizations in Delaware that help children, at risk youth and adults and the elderly that live in our local communities. We are committed to doing whatever we can to continue that support during one of the most challenging times the restaurant industry has faced. While we are saddened that we are unable to hold an in-person event to raise money for our foundation this year, we are asking our customers to help us in something we can do.

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, we will be donating 100% of in house and carry out food, beverage, and alcohol sales at each of our 12 restaurants on the culinary coast to SoDel Cares. We ask those in our communities who can contribute to purchase your favorite meal from a SoDel Concepts restaurant on that day, and maybe add on a cocktail to give a little extra. For those not in the area on Dec. 1, we will also be setting up a wine auction, where you can purchase a bottle or two of wine and pick it up at a later date.

In the past five years, SoDel Cares has donated 100% of its proceeds, exceeding in total $600,000, to help those in need. As a company, we have made a commitment to supporting our communities, in good times and in bad. It is part of our mission, and part of what motivates us to go to work every day. This year we ask you to help us help them.

Scott Kammerer

(The writer is the president of SoDel Concepts.)


Home Tour Appreciation


We did it — in spite of the pandemic. The all-new, all-virtual 16th Annual Sand Castle Home Tour went on in 2020 — although in a brand new way — and was a huge success. From Oct. 1-15, more than 1,800 visitors toured 10 fabulous resort homes online, viewing nearly 25,000 pages of content. Fifteen lucky tour goers also won prizes from our daily give-a-ways.

It truly took a village to get this new kind of tour off the ground, and we are so grateful to everyone in our community who pitched in.

Thank you to the 10 homeowners who opened their doors to our videographers and writers and allowed us to share their personal spaces: Cheryl and Jay Taustin, Todd Burbage, Jim and Hanne Crystal, Mike and Mary Foelber, Mary Strittmatter, Bryan and Renee Mercer, Kevin Myers, Ian and Karen Hunter, David Bradley and Tom and Megan Buterbaugh.

Thank you to our sponsors, who took a chance and funded this first-year endeavor. We couldn’t have done it without you, and congratulate you on your many click-throughs. A shout out to our Ocean-level sponsors: Bethany Resort Furnishings/Donaway Furniture, Casual Designs, Creative Concepts, Gateway Builders, Monogram Furniture, and T&G Builders. To our Sand-level sponsors: Arctic Heating & Air, Bradley Construction, Deeley Insurance Group, Innerbloom Floral, and Bryan LeCompte Yard Designs.

And to our Boardwalk-level sponsors: Bank of Ocean City and the Town of Ocean City. To our Sea Shell-level sponsors: American Granite & Tile, Beachwood Builders, Brasure’s Carpet Care, Delaware Elevator, Dunes Manor, The Framing Corner, Impact Home Technology, Kitchen Concepts, Oceans East Apartments, Piney Island Construction, and Worcester County Tourism. To our Umbrella-level sponsors: Celtic Nations, Denney Lighting & Design, OCMD Hotels, and Rina Thaler Art.

We also appreciate the support of our media sponsors who helped us get the word out — OC Today, Clear Channel Outdoor, Coastal Style Magazine, Delmarva Public Media, The Dispatch, 47/ABC, and Ocean 98 — and of the generous donors who provided our daily prize packages.

We can’t forget to thank our talented production crews, our creative and hard-working staff, our dedicated volunteer committee, and the fabulous artists who painted the home portraits.

Thank you, again, to everyone who made this year’s very-different Sand Castle Home Tour a success. The proceeds from this event continue to provide sustaining funds to support the Art League, your community nonprofit arts organization, and help us fulfill our mission of promoting artistic expression and appreciation for the creative arts. The tour also helps to keep the Ocean City Center for the Arts free and open to the public. Our virtual Sand Castle Home Tour proved to be an innovative way to spotlight the many builders, decorators, and businesses who provide home design services here on the Shore. We look forward to expanding it next year along with a return to an in-person home tour.

Rina Thaler

Executive Director

Art League of Ocean City

Ocean City Center for the Arts