Cops & Courts – October 30, 2020

Cops & Courts – October 30, 2020

Domestic Assault Repeated

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was charged with multiple counts of second-degree assault last week after allegedly attacking his girlfriend in separate incidents in late June and again in October.

Around 7:55 p.m. on June 29, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was patrolling in the midtown area and was advised by Ocean City Communications a domestic assault was in progress in a vehicle traveling northbound on Coastal Highway in the area of 80th Street. The caller advised a male passenger, later identified as William Colberg, 51, of Ocean City, was actively punching the female driver.

The witness continued to follow the vehicle and gave updates to the officer, telling the officer Colberg continued to punch the female victim as she was driving. OCPD officers made contact with the couple in the parking lot of their residence. The victim reportedly told police they had been at a West Ocean City restaurant and that Colberg had become intoxicated and at one point urinated outside, according to police reports.

While the victim was in their vehicle, she reportedly told Colberg to stop urinating in public, which caused him to snap and he began yelling at her, according to police reports. During the drive home, the argument escalated and Colberg allegedly began to punch and kick the victim. At one point, Colberg allegedly kicked the windshield, causing it to crack.

Since that alleged incident in June, the victim has reported the domestic abuse has continued. Around 2:15 p.m. on Oct. 19, the OCPD officer met with the female victim to complete the investigation into the assault that had already occurred.

The victim told the officer two days earlier on October 17, she had been assaulted by Colberg again. The victim said the couple was a bar when they began to argue. The victim told police she left and got a ride home, but when she reached home, she found that Colberg had followed her. The victim reportedly told police when they began to argue, Colberg reportedly began striking her in the head and torso. The victim told the officer she believed her rib was broken, but did that she did not require medical assistance. Based on the totality of the two incidents, Colberg was charged with second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.


Rock Throwing Arrest

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was arrested for malicious destruction of property last week after allegedly throwing rocks at an uptown business.

Around midnight on Tuesday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was patrolling in the area of the Starbucks at 112nd Street and was typing a report when a loud bang was heard. The officer looked around and did not initially determine what caused the loud noise, which sounded like two hard objects hitting each other, according to police reports.

The officer went back to typing the reports and heard the same loud bang two more times. The officer reportedly moved the patrol vehicle closer and observed a suspect later identified as Albert Dennis, 39, of Ocean City, holding fist-sized planter’s rocks in both hands while facing the Starbuck’s. According to police reports, the officer observed Dennis hiding behind a bush on the sidewalk east of the business before throwing another rock at the Starbuck’s window.

When Dennis saw the officer, he dropped his remaining rocks and started to walk away. When the officer approached Dennis, he reportedly put his hands up in a “don’t shoot” motion, according to police reports. The officer motioned for Dennis to come back and he complied. According to police reports, Dennis exhibited signs of intoxication.

Dennis reportedly told police he had too much to drink at a bar at 131st Street and told the officer he was walking home and wanted to throw rocks at Starbuck’s and other businesses. He reportedly told the officer he had only thrown rocks at the coffee shop so far. Dennis reportedly told the officer, “It was my fault,” and “That was my mistake.”

The officer went to assess the damage and found three large planter’s rocks in the patio in front of the Starbuck’s door. The rocks were reportedly part of the landscaping in the business’s patio area. The officer observed three gouges and scratches in the door of the business.

In front of the door, there was one fist-sized rock and three smaller fragments of the same rock. According to police reports, it appeared the rock was thrown so hard that it broke into smaller fragments. Dennis reportedly admitted throwing multiple rocks at the business. He was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property and intoxicated endangerment.


Arrest After Bike Crash

OCEAN CITY — A local man was arrested on multiple charges last weekend after allegedly crashing his bicycle into a parked vehicle.

Around 10:10 p.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to the area of Bayshore Drive for a requested welfare check. Upon arrival, the officer me with an individual, later identified as John Kelley, 68, of Ocean City, who appeared to be intoxicated, according to police reports. Next to Kelley was a bicycle with the handlebars bent sideways.

Witnesses told police they heard a loud bang and walked to the area where they located Kelley face down on the ground with his bicycle on top of him, according to police reports. Near Kelley was reportedly a parked vehicle with rear-end damage. The witnesses reportedly told police they believed Kelley had crashed into the parked vehicle with his bike. The officer observed and recorded the damage to the parked vehicle.

While OCPD officers were attempting to contact the vehicle’s owner, Kelley reportedly became disorderly and screamed “police brutality” at the officers. Kelley reportedly tried to walk away, but when he was advised he was being detained, that only angered further. According to police reports, he stumbled and used the wobbly fence to support himself to keep from falling. He also resisted arrested and reportedly assaulted the officers attempting to take him into custody. He was ultimately charged with second-degree assault, resisting arrest, intoxicated endangerment and DUI and DWI.


Jail Time For Assault

OCEAN CITY — A Philadelphia man arrested on multiple charges In August after first assaulting his sister and then battling with police attempting to load him into a transport van pleaded guilty this week and was sentenced to 12 days in jail.

Around 12:35 a.m. on Aug. 18, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to a motel at 16th Street for a reported assault that had just occurred. Upon arrival, an OCPD officer met with a female victim she had been lying on a bed, drinking alcohol and listening to music with her brother, identified as Joseph Bryant, 34, of Philadelphia, who had assaulted her.

The victim reportedly told police Bryant began yelling about being assaulted as a child and then struck her with a liquor bottle. The victim told police Bryant than grabbed a lamp and struck her with it, and then again with her walker. The victim told officers Bryant then fled the second-floor room and went to hide in a room on the first floor, according to police reports.

OCPD officers located Bryant in a room on the first floor. Bryant was reportedly attempting to sneak out the back of the first-floor room while OCPD officers were knocking on the door. OCPD officers were able to place Bryant under arrest, but he did not go easily. According to police reports, Bryant told the officers they were going to have to carry him to the transport van and let his body go limp and laid on the ground. OCPD officers attempted to pick Bryant up, but he continued to resist, according to police reports.

OCPD officers physically carried Bryant to the transport van and laid him in the vehicle on his back, but he reportedly braced his legs against the middle divider wall and attempted to push himself out of the van. The attempts to secure Bryant in the transport van went on for several minutes and even his family members pleaded with him to stop resisting.

Bryant was reportedly warned if he did not stop resisting, he would be pepper-sprayed, and that is just what happened next, according to police reports. Bryant still refused to stop fighting with police and was able to use his legs to push himself out of the van and onto the ground again, according to police reports.

officer and kicked three others.

All in all, Bryant was charged with five counts of assault, resisting arrest and failure to obey a lawful order. This week, he pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree assault and resisting arrest and was sentenced to 12 days in jail.