A Week In Business – September 18, 2020

Long-Time Employee Retires

SNOW HILL — Phyllis Wimbrow, deputy director of Worcester County Development Review and Permitting (DRP) will retire effective Sept. 18 after 36

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Phyllis Wimbrow

years of public service to the community.

“Phyllis’s leading role with the county inspired positive changes,” Chief Administrative Officer Harold Higgins said. “She effected change because she knows who we are as a rural, seaside county and what we are about and what we value as we strive to balance the demands of growth and protection of our natural resources.”

Wimbrow joined DRP in September 1984 as an economic development planner, reviewing and processing plans for commercial and multi-family projects. She was later promoted to the position of planner, where she took on responsibility for processing rezoning requests and amendments to the Zoning and Subdivision Control Article. In 2000, Wimbrow stepped into the position of DRP deputy director, where she played a key role in the overall management of the department.

“When I began working in DRP, I was one of only seven employees,” Wimbrow said. “Even though I had earned a bachelor’s degree in geography and regional planning, it was former DRP Director Hal Morris and former County Attorney Ed Hammond who mentored me in the early days. They taught me the real inner workings of the department and imparted the practical knowledge I needed to help DRP protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.”

Because of her planning knowledge and experience, she took a leading role during the comprehensive updating of the 1992 Zoning Code and Subdivision Control Article, the 2009 Zoning Code and Zoning Map Amendments, and the 2009 Design Guidelines and Standards for Commercial Development. She also processed Zoning Code text amendments, wrote numerous legislative bills, and assisted in the planning process for Samuel Bowen Boulevard, the U.S. Rt. 50 Service Road.

“I will truly miss Phyllis and hope she has a terrific retirement and enjoys the fruits of her labor,” DRP Director Ed Tudor said. “She has been much more than just a colleague over the span of my career, but has been a true friend as well. I wish her all the best.”

Wimbrow and her husband, Harry, own and operate Wimbrow Farms. In retirement, Wimbrow plans to take a more active role in the family business and will be out and about at area farmers markets from May through October.

She passes the torch of leadership to incoming DRP Deputy Director Jennifer Keener, a member of the American Planning Association and a certified planner (AICP). Keener brings 15 years of experience in planning and site plan review to her new position.


Company Expands South

SALISBURY — Becker Morgan Group has announced the addition of engineering services in North Carolina.

The expansion of engineering in North Carolina is a natural progression for the firm that already offers civil and structural engineering services in its Delaware and Maryland offices. By providing architectural, civil engineering and structural engineering services, Becker Morgan Group is able to bring a holistic approach to each project, working in tandem with each discipline.

“Expanding the breadth and depth of our services in North Carolina is an integral part of the firm’s future,” said North Carolina Principal Ernest W. Olds. “We are excited to make this strategic goal a reality in 2020. The expansion solidifies our commitment to Wilmington and the Carolinas, and we look forward to continuing to serve our clients across the region with these expanded capabilities.”


Top Producers Announced

OCEAN CITY — Keller Williams Realty of Delmarva announced the August Top Producers for its Maryland locations. The awards are based on Gross Commission Income or number of units, whichever is higher, for the month.

The Platinum Award Winner is Melanie Shoff of the Ocean City office.

Individuals that won the Quad Gold award are Michael Dunn of the Salisbury office and Billy Barr of the Ocean City office.

The Triple Gold Award winners are Jimbo Weismiller of the Ocean City office, Kim Lucido-McCabe of the Ocean City office and Jay Pierorazio of the Ocean City office.

The Gold Award winners are Sheri Smith of the Ocean City office, Bud Cumberland of the Ocean City office, Brenda Archer-Nichols of the Ocean City office, Carlie Archer of the Ocean City and Tim Dennis of the Salisbury office.

Benjamin Dawson of the Ocean City office won the Silver Award.

The Bronze Award winners are: Theresa Diefendorf of the Ocean City office, Sandra Mattes of the Ocean City office, Devin Graham of the Salisbury office, Gillian Walsh of the Selbyville office, Bobby Jester of the Ocean City office and Kelley Bjorkland of the Ocean City office.

The top team for the month of August is the Fritschle Barker Group of the Ocean City office. Team members are Grant Fritschle, Jon Barker, Clint Bickford, Bryan Coates, Courtney Wright, Mark Barker and, Jackson St Jean.

The Windrow Group of the Ocean City office won Double Platinum. Team members are Erik Windrow, Nikki Rayne, Robert Windrow, Zachery Temple, Steve Lamontagne and Garrett Connell.

Teams earning the Platinum are Lucido Global Team of the Ocean City office (Frank Serio, Audrey Serio, John Mead and Karen March); and the Moore Team of the Ocean City office (Michael Moore, Mary Moore and Tammy Hall).

Davis Strategic of the Salisbury office earned the Quad Gold Award. Team members are Brett Davis and Chuck Campbell.

The Triple Gold Award winner is the Sharon Daugherty Group of the Salisbury office (Sharon Daugherty and Annie Tingle).

Double Gold Award winners are Britt Team of the Ocean City office  (Gregory Britt, Nancy Britt, Lauren Britt Hudson, Kate Deckenback, Mandi Martenson and Maria Seitz).


Top Ranking For SU

SALISBURY — U.S. News & World Report has named Salisbury University one of its Best Colleges for 2021.

“For more than two decades, SU has been consistently ranked by U.S. News among the nation’s top higher education institutions,” said Dr. Karen Olmstead, SU provost senior vice president of academic affairs. “Honors such as these not only validate the University’s efforts to provide an outstanding educational experience, but recognize the hard work of our students, faculty and staff in the classroom and beyond.”

The 594 institutions in U.S. News’ Best Regional Universities category are split among four geographic areas — North, South, Midwest and West. In the northern region, SU ranked 67th in the top tier among 176 publics and privates, and 41st among the north’s “Best Value Schools.” It also was named No. 16 among “Top Public Universities” in the north.


Comcast Representatives Soliciting In Ocean Pines

BERLIN — Comcast representatives have begun knocking on doors in Ocean Pines.

According to Comcast, representatives are required to wear face coverings and sanitize hands frequently, and must keep at least six feet of distance when speaking with residents. Representatives will never enter a resident’s home, even if invited inside.

Comcast said representatives would “specifically target potential subscribers whose addresses have been verified as ready for service.”

Residents may speak face to face with a Comcast representative, or have a virtual consultation if they are uncomfortable.

Ocean Pines consulted the Worcester County Health Department on the matter, and the Health Department emphasized the importance of masks and at least 6 feet of distance.

The association is not aware of any restrictions in Ocean Pines’ governing documents that forbid the solicitation.