Cops & Courts – August 14, 2020

Cops & Courts – August 14, 2020

First-Degree Burglary Charge

OCEAN CITY — A Wilmington, Del. man was arrested on first-degree burglary and other charges last weekend after allegedly breaking into a downtown unit and swiping some change and a couple of vape pens.

Around 11:20 p.m. last Sunday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to a residence on 16th Street for a reported burglary. The officer arrived and met with the victim and a witness, both of whom reside together at the unit. The witness told police he came home from work and heard noises coming from the victim’s bedroom.

The witness said it was unusual because he knew the victim was at work. The witness called his roommate’s name multiple times but got no response, according to police reports. The witness tried to open his roommate’s bedroom door, but a suspect on the other side, later identified as Deshon Sicard, 21, of Wilmington, Del., fought to keep the door closed.

The witness was eventually able to overpower Sicard and entered the room. The witness told police he knew Sicard from previous parties, but that Sicard was not allowed in the residence anymore because he had been caught stealing things, according to police reports. The victim returned from work after learning of the alleged burglary.

According to police reports, the victim found an air conditioner had been moved so a person could crawl through the open window, the blinds were broken and all of his drawers were open and his belongings were strewn about. The victim told police about $20 in quarters were missing along with two vape pens he had recently purchased valued at $30 each.

The victim and the witness followed Sicard using a GPS function on SnapChat and found he was at a residence on 16th Street. The OCPD officer went to the residence and met with a female who acknowledged Sicard was hiding inside. Sicard came out and was detained on suspicion of burglary. The witness was brought to the scene and positively identified Sicard as the man he had seen in the victim’s room.

When questioned, Sicard admitted being in the unit without permission and told police he went there to retrieve clothing he had left there weeks earlier. He was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary and other counts.


Downtown Burglar Nabbed

OCEAN CITY — A Rhode Island man was arrested on burglary and theft charges last week after allegedly entering a closed downtown business and swiping numerous items of jewelry.

Around 5 a.m. last Wednesday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to a business on South Baltimore Avenue for a premise alarm. Upon arrival, the officer did not see any of the doors to the business opened, nor did he hear the premise alarm. The officer shined his flashlight into the business to check for intruders, but did not see anyone, according to police reports.

At that point, the officer reportedly saw a suspect later identified as Austin Reisner, 18, of North Kingstown, R.I., run out of the northwest door to the business. The officer ran around to the front of the building and observed numerous items of jewelry and Reisner running south on Baltimore Avenue. The officer ordered Reisner to stop and the suspect said, “You got me. I’m not going to run,” according to police reports. Reisner was reportedly holding a significant amount of merchandise from the store while he was taken into custody.

According to police reports, Reisner told police he was on vacation with his friends and they drove to the downtown business and parked in the parking lot. Reisner told police the business’s door was wide open and he went inside and grabbed a bunch of items he wanted to purchase earlier. Reisner told the officer he did not know why he took the items, but he liked them. He then offered to pay for the stolen items.

The store manager arrived and confirmed no one was authorized to enter the business while it was closed. The manager valued the stolen items to have a value of around $280. The stolen items included three black wooden necklaces, two metal pendant necklaces, and a black bracelet with an anchor on it. The necklaces and bracelet still contained price tags indicating they belonged to the store. Reisner was charged with burglary and theft.


Blacked Out In Running Vehicle

OCEAN CITY — Three people including parents and a juvenile were arrested on drug charges last weekend after the adults were found passed out in a running vehicle.

Shortly after midnight last Sunday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was patrolling in the downtown area when he was approached by two witnesses advising two people appeared to be passed out in a nearby vehicle. The OCPD officer responded and observed a parked vehicle in the area of 2nd Street with the engine running.

The officer reportedly observed Andrew Hall, 29, of Middletown, Md. slumped over in the driver’s seat and appeared to be asleep. The officer also observed Brandi Lewis, 34, of Smithsburg, Md., slumped over in the passenger seat. In the back seat, the officer reportedly observed a male juvenile who had red, bloodshot eyes and was physically shaking.

The juvenile reportedly told the officer, “my parents are just sleeping,” and that nothing was going on. In Hall’s lap, the officer observed a clear plastic bag containing numerous clear gel capsules filled with a pinkish-white rock-like substance the officer identified as Scramble, or a combination of heroin and other cutting agents.

The officer reportedly knocked on the vehicle’s driver’s side window twice in an attempt to wake Hall. When Hall awoke, he appeared disoriented and disheveled and looked around as if he did not know where he was, according to police reports. When he awoke, Hall reached for the clear plastic bag, but the officer told him to put his hands on the steering wheel. Hall was then ordered out of the vehicle and placed in handcuffs.

The officer then attempted to wake Lewis, who was still completely passed out in the passenger seat. According to police reports, Lewis was disheveled and appeared disoriented much like Hall was when officers woke him up. Lewis was ordered out of the vehicle, handcuffed and told to sit on the sidewalk. According to police reports, Lewis continually fell asleep while sitting on the sidewalk.

The juvenile was also handcuffed and agreed to speak with OCPD officers, according to police reports. The juvenile reportedly advised he knew Hall and Lewis both have a past history of drug use, but they were “supposedly” not currently using drugs. The juvenile also admitted he had smoked marijuana earlier in the day. According to police reports, the juvenile was shaking and shivering throughout his entire interaction with the officers despite the balmy August temperatures.

OCPD officers interviewed Hall, who told police the capsules found in the clear plastic bag contained heroin and possibly fentanyl. Hall said he purchased the drugs in Baltimore on his way down to Ocean City from western Maryland. A search of the vehicle revealed nine gel capsules of suspected heroin and other cutting agents including spent capsules on the floor on the driver’s side, another in the center console and one more on the floor on the passenger’s side. Hall, Lewis and the juvenile were each arrested and charged with various drug possession violations.


Motor Vehicle Theft Arrest

OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man was arrested on motor vehicle theft and other charges last weekend after a license plate reader on the Route 50 bridge alerted to the stolen car.

Around 6 a.m. last Saturday, a license plate reader on the Route 50 bridge alerted to a possible stolen vehicle entering Ocean City. An Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer observed a vehicle matching the description at North Division Street and Philadelphia Avenue. The officer followed the vehicle until more units could respond and it was pulled over in the area of 33rd Street.

The vehicle was occupied by three juveniles and one adult, later identified as Darnell Greer, 18, of Red Lion, Pa. After the occupants were removed from the vehicle, OCPD officers detected a strong odor of raw marijuana, according to police reports. In the trunk, police located a backpack containing a jar of over 10 grams of marijuana.

OCPD officers questioned Greer about the stolen vehicle and he allegedly motioned to one of the juvenile females and said, “her mom gave it back to her,” according to police reports. Greer appeared to know there was some dispute between the juvenile and her mother over possession of the vehicle, according to police reports.

As far as the marijuana found in the trunk, Greer acknowledged he knew it was in the vehicle but said the backpack was not his and did not divulge to whom it belonged, according to police reports. It was determined Greer elected to travel to Ocean City with the juveniles in a vehicle he knew the possession of which was in dispute. He was arrested and charged with motor vehicle theft and possession of over 10 grams of marijuana.