County To Post West OC Road’s Speed Limit

SNOW HILL – County officials agreed to lower the speed limit on Fleetway Drive in response to complaints.

The Worcester County Commissioners last week voted unanimously to lower the speed limit on Fleetway Drive to 30 mph. The change was recommended by Worcester County Public Works.

“We are recommending that the road be posted at 30 mph consistent with all the other roads in the Cape Isle of Wight area,” Public Works Director John Tustin said.

Tustin said that in response to complaints a week-long speed study had been conducted on Fleetway Drive. Currently, the road is unposted and as such has a 50-mph limit.

Tustin said the study revealed that the average speed on the road was 21 mph but that during the week of the study, which was May 26 through June 2, there were a few instances where vehicles were noted exceeding 70 mph.

Tustin said reducing the speed limit to 30 mph would provide a more uniform speed limit throughout the neighborhood. The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the change.

“Seeing that I live on that street, I appreciate the reduction in speed limit,” Commissioner Bud Church said.

Tustin told the commissioners he’d also fielded a complaint about traffic on Bishopville Road but said there was nothing Worcester County could do about the situation. Residents have voiced concern regarding speeding and the volume of traffic, which backs up regularly on the weekends.

“It has been a consistent problem over the last several years unfortunately a lot of the issues are Bishopville Road, and that’s a state highway,” Tustin said.

He said that traffic, which is primarily headed to Ocean City, had increased because cars were being routed that way by GPS.

“It’s a nationwide problem,” he said.

Commissioner Joe Mitrecic agreed.

“I don’t think it’s unique to this area,” he said. “As soon as you start pushing the beach traffic out to go around the traffic you end up with more traffic.”

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