Cops & Courts – February 7, 2020

Cops & Courts – February 7, 2020

First-Degree Assault Charge For Attack

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was arrested on first-degree assault and other charges last week after allegedly attacking another man with a golf club in the parking lot of a downtown residence.

Around 1:40 p.m. last Friday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was patrolling in the downtown area and observed a suspect, later identified as Frank Jenkins, 43, of Ocean City, allegedly striking the rear and passenger side of a vehicle with his hands, according to police reports. The officer observed as the vehicle attempted to leave a downtown apartment complex parking lot and observed two females standing near it attempting to stop Jenkins from hitting it.

As the officer approached the scene, he observed one of the females start to walk away. The officer reportedly observed Jenkins approach the female from the rear and forcibly grab her by the hood of her sweatshirt, causing her body to jerk backwards. The officer intervened and separated the parties. Jenkins has handcuffed and was instructed to sit on the curb.

The officer approached the vehicle and observed a metal golf club on the ground adjacent to it. The officer made contact with the male driver of the vehicle, who was reportedly in extreme pain. The driver informed the officer while he was seated in his vehicle, Jenkins allegedly approached him and struck him numerous times in the left arm with the golf club, according to police reports.

The officer noted in the report there was damage to the driver’s side window area and roof consistent with being hit with a golf club. Ocean City paramedics responded to the scene and treated the driver for a possible fractured left forearm and separated left shoulder. The driver refused any further treatment and was not transported to the hospital.

The officer interviewed the female whose hood Jenkins grabbed. The victim told police she had been in a relationship with Jenkins for several months. The victim reportedly told police she had arrived at the apartment complex that afternoon to remove her personal belongings and that an argument ensued with Jenkins, according to police reports.

During the argument, Jenkins reportedly grabbed a golf club and approached the female victim’s friends, who were waiting outside in the vehicle. The female victim told police she yelled “drive, drive, drive,” to her friends in an attempt to alert them of Jenkins’ approach with the golf club.

The female victim told police that was when Jenkins allegedly struck the male driver multiple times with the golf club. Shortly thereafter, the OCPD officer arrived on the scene. The officer was able to locate another unaffiliated witness who corroborated the story of Jenkins hitting the male driver with the golf club.

The officer noted in the report the golf club was bent in a manner consistent with hitting the victim and the vehicle. Jenkins was charged with first- and second-degree assault and malicious destruction of property.


Drugs Found In Bag Left At Police Station

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was arrested on multiple drug charges last weekend after allegedly going to police headquarters to retrieve his backpack filled with various narcotics.

Around 10:30 a.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to the front desk of police headquarters in the Public Safety Building at 65th Street for a reported drug violation. The responding officer met with a custody officer, who advised a gray book bag had been left at the front desk. The custody officer told the responding officer a search of the bag prior to his arrival turned up a white powdery substance inside.

The officer took possession of the bag and completed an inventory of its contents. According the police reports, the search turned up Maryland DWI paperwork for Robert Conner, 44, of Ocean City. The search also reportedly turned up 16 one-gram vials of liquid marijuana used for vapor smoking in a black and red watch box, a white powdery substance suspected to be cocaine in a cellophane bag and a crinkled piece of wax paper containing suspect cocaine.

The search also revealed some change, a laptop computer, an iPhone and some District Court paperwork belonging to Conner. The custody officer who found the bag advised that the owner, Conner, had been notified to collect his property. A short time later, Conner arrived at the Public Safety Building to retrieve his property.

Two OCPD officers observed Conner enter police headquarters and asked the suspect if the bag was his. Conner told the officers it was his bag and provided an inventory of its contents including District Court paperwork with his name on it along with the laptop computer. At that point, Conner was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana over 10 grams.


Bar Disturbance Arrest

OCEAN CITY — A York, Pa. man was arrested on disorderly conduct charges this week after allegedly causing a disturbance at a downtown bar.

Around 1:20 a.m. on Monday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to a bar on Wicomico Street for a reported disorderly individual. When the officer arrived, he observed through the bar window an individual later identified as Austin Bentley, 21, of York, Pa., attempting engage bar staff in a physical altercation.

Upon entering the bar, the officer could distinctly hear Bentley yelling and screaming and disturbing other patrons in the establishment, according to police reports. Based on observation, the officer arrested Bentley for disorderly conduct. According to police reports, Bentley exhibited signs of intoxication and continued to be confrontational.

While the officer walked Bentley to his patrol vehicle, Bentley allegedly continued to yell and scream that he knew his rights. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.


Downtown Squatter Charged With Burglary

OCEAN CITY — A Salisbury woman was arrested and charged with burglary and theft last week after allegedly breaking into a downtown apartment and taking up residence last fall.

Kenesha Alvira-Encarnacion, 24, of Salisbury, was arrested last week and charged with fourth-degree burglary and theft stemming from her alleged break-in at a downtown apartment on Baltimore Avenue last October. According to police reports, a maintenance man who worked for a downtown restaurant went to the apartment on Oct. 30 to remove window air conditioning units for the winter season.

The maintenance man entered the locked unit in question using his keys and found Alvira-Encarnacion in the kitchen cooking pizza, according to police reports. The maintenance man questioned the suspect about her being in the apartment and the suspect reportedly told him she was let in by another man to do some cleaning.

According to police reports, the maintenance man called the apartment’s owner, who confirmed no one had permission to be in the unit, which was a seasonal rental and had been closed up since mid-September. While the maintenance man was on the phone with the apartment owner, Alvira-Encarnacion fled the area on foot. An OCPD officer located Alvira-Encarnacion a short time later near 4th Street and questioned her about being in the apartment.

Alvira-Encarnacion told the officer a similar story about being let in the apartment that morning by another man in order to do some cleaning. Alvira-Encarnacion was in possession of a key to the apartment at that time and was able to provide other pertinent information about its owner.

At that point, the OCPD officer retrieved the key from Alvira-Encarnacion and she was free to leave. However, further investigation revealed Alvira-Encarnacion did not know the maintenance man or the man who allegedly let her in to clean, nor did she enter the unit with a key. Instead, she reportedly entered through an unlocked window and had taken up residence in the apartment until she had been discovered. As a result, she was located last week and was taken into custody. She has been charged with fourth-degree burglary and theft.