Cops & Courts – January 3, 2020

Cops & Courts – January 3, 2020

Couple Charged With Assault

OCEAN CITY — A local couple was arrested on assault charges last week after a verbal argument over one of them allegedly cheating turned physical.

Around 7:45 p.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to a residence at 38th Street for a reported domestic assault. The officer met with Madeline Schumacher, 79, of Ocean City, who told police she had been in an argument with her husband, John Schumacher, 78, of Ocean City, which had turned physical.

Madeline Schumacher reportedly told police the couple had been arguing because she believed her husband had a girlfriend. The verbal argument turned physical with her husband pushing her and grabbing her wrist, according to police reports. The officer noticed multiple bruises on Madeline Schumacher.

The officer also interviewed John Schumacher, who reportedly told police the couple had returned from visiting relatives and had gone to dinner in Ocean City. When the couple returned home, a verbal argument ensued when Madeline Schumacher accused him of having a girlfriend. According to police reports, John Schumacher acknowledged there had been an altercation, but denied any physical contact.

The officer also noticed John Schumacher had fresh bruising on his hands and arms consistent with the physical altercation alluded to by both parties. Because the officer was unable to determine who the primary aggressor was, and because neither party was willing to leave the residence for the night, both Madeline and John Schumacher were arrested and charged with second-degree assault.


10-Day Sentence For Fight

OCEAN CITY — A Frederick, Md. woman pleaded guilty last week to second-degree assault for pushing another woman during a domestic incident and was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Around 7:30 p.m. on June 5, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to a motel on 27th Street for a reported strong-arm robbery. The officer met with a female victim who told police two girls had jumped her and took her belongings. The victim told police the two suspects left the area along with two juveniles in a blue Nissan.

The officer observed the Nissan leaving the area and followed it, pulling it over in a parking lot at 45th Street. All of the individuals were ordered to get out of the vehicle and were detained as officers attempted to sort out what had happened. Meanwhile, another officer interviewed the victim at the scene.

The victim reportedly told police she had been assaulted by one of the suspects, identified as Alexandra Fitch, 18, of Frederick. The victim told police Fitch had stomped on her neck and face, although she had no visible signs of injury. The officer obtained a motel room key and found the victim’s bags in the room. The victim reportedly went through the bags and found none of her belongings missing.

OCPD officers interviewed Fitch about her version of the events. Fitch told police she and her other friends were mad at the victim for allegedly smoking marijuana in their motel room and because of her attitude in general. Fitch admitted pushing the victim onto a bed and that an altercation she characterized as a girl fight began.

Fitch said the other occupants in the room separated the two combatants and she and the other girls left the motel, leaving the victim behind. The victim told police she wanted to pursue charges against Fitch for instigating the fight.


Probation In Downtown Fracas

OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man, arrested in September after bashing in the door of a downtown residence and threatening his friends with a knife, pleaded guilty this week to malicious destruction of property and was placed on probation.

Around 6:30 a.m. on Sept. 27, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to the area of 6th Street for a reported disorderly male. Upon arrival, OCPD officers observed Michael Wenrich, 21, of Newmans Town, Pa., kneeling in the middle of Wilmington Lane. When an officer called out to Wenrich, he reportedly screamed, laid flat on his stomach and rolled under a parked car, according to police reports.

Wenrich reportedly stood up and ran west, but did not run far before falling on the ground. OCPD officers approached Wenrich, who was reportedly crying hysterically and saying over and over “please don’t shoot me,” and “please don’t tase me,” according to police reports.

OCPD officers spoke with Wenrich’s friend, who told police he had locked Wenrich out of the unit due to his level of intoxication. The friend told police he locked the door with the chain, but Wenrich forced the door to open and broke the frame that held the chain lock. The witness said he was able to tackle Wenrich out of the apartment.

According to the witness, Wenrich at that point pulled an assisted opening knife from his pocket, but the witness was able to disarm him before Wenrich was able to open and deploy the blade. The witness told police before the officers arrived, Wenrich ran into the street and grabbed a rear wiper blade of a parked vehicle, causing the wiper blade to bend down and away from the rear windshield.

Wenrich was arrested and charged with two counts of malicious destruction of property for the door frame and the windshield wiper, intoxicated endangerment and possession of an assisted-opening knife.


Probation For Stun Gun

OCEAN CITY — A West Virginia woman, arrested in November after a stun gun was found in her glove compartment during a routine traffic stop, pleaded guilty last week to possession of an electronic weapon and was placed on probation.

Around 2 a.m. on Nov. 14, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer patrolling in the area of 40th Street observed a vehicle with a license plate border covering the plate’s state name in violation of a traffic ordinance. The officer stopped the vehicle in the bus lane at Coastal Highway and 53rd Street.

The officer made contact with the driver, identified as Kammie Thompson, 28, of Inwood, West Virginia. While Thompson was retrieving her registration, the officer observed a pink Vipertek electronic weapon commonly referred to as a stun gun in a black holster in the glove box. The officer later depressed the switch on the stun gun and it emitted a discharge of electrical current capable of inflicting pain or incapacitating an individual, according to police reports.

Thompson reportedly told the officer she kept the stun gun for protection and thought it was no longer operational. In addition to the stun gun, the OCPD officer observed two open cans of beer on the vehicle’s floor next to Thompson’s feet.

The officer poured the open beers out onto Coastal Highway and arrested Thompson for carrying an open container and possession of an electronic weapon.