Wicomico Deputies Earn Valor Medals

SALISBURY – County officials recognized four deputies and one emergency services employee last week for their professionalism and dedication during three separate incidents.

In a meeting of the Wicomico County Council last week, elected leaders recognized deputies Howard Bowden, Christian Pecoraro, Dylan Miller and Ben Parsons for receiving medals of valor from the National Sheriff’s Association.

“It’s always a pleasure when we can recognize our deputies for some of the heroic efforts that they do on a daily basis here in Wicomico County,” Sheriff Mike Lewis said. “Last year, like any other year, was a very busy year for us. But there were two particular instances that stand out, which caused us to petition the National Sheriff’s Association, for the efforts of four Wicomico County sheriff’s deputies here in Wicomico County.”

On Nov. 10, 2018, deputies were dispatched to a residence on the west side of Salisbury for a reported stabbing. Upon arrival, deputies located one stabbing victim in the front yard and another a block away. One victim later succumbed to injuries.

Lewis said it was the actions of Bowden and Pecoraro that led to the arrest of the murder suspect.

“They were able to secure the scene, provide lifesaving measures to the critically injured victims, all while soliciting invaluable information for the case from the victims themselves and from nearby witnesses …,” Lewis said. “The suspect was safely arrested and charged with first degree murder. The quick and decisive actions of both these deputies had saved the life of at least one victim, quickly identifying the murder suspect and helping to secure a solid case for prosecution.”

Lewis also recognized Miller and Parsons last week for their efforts to retrieve and revive a driver involved in a car accident.

“Believe it or not, on that same month approximately 20 days later, deputies were dispatched to a motor vehicle collision involving entrapment,” he said. “Upon arrival deputies saw that a van was overturned on its driver’s side lying in a muddy roadside ditch. The work van was full of construction equipment that had violently shifted during the crash. The deputies could not see if anyone was inside the vehicle, and deputies discovered that all the vehicle doors were locked and badly damaged from the collision.”

Lewis said both Miller and Parsons had entered the van and found the driver, whose upper torso was buried in mud, water and construction equipment. After noticing the driver was not breathing, the two deputies attempted to remove him from the vehicle and began life-saving efforts.

“Fire and rescue arrived on the scene and it took them an additional 30 minutes to fully extricate the driver from the vehicle,” he said. “Because of the quick and decisive actions of these two deputies to enter the vehicle, they located the victim and established an airway. The driver has now made a full recovery and has been reunited with his family.”

Officials last week also recognized Tammy Croswell, a 31-year employee of Wicomico County’s emergency services department. Lewis said Croswell’s actions had helped to dispel a threat of mass violence at James M. Bennett High School in October.

“During a proceeding investigation, contact was made with operator Tammy Croswell at the Wicomico County Emergency Management Center,” he said. “A request was made to Croswell to assist us in attempting to trace or track the origin of the phone call that generated this threat. Without hesitation, Tammy Croswell immediately assisted by providing tracking information from the cellular provider and other important information to investigators.”

Croswell was presented with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office 2019 Sheriff’s Salute.

“Tammy Croswell is to be commended for her efforts, her dedication and professionalism,” Lewis said.

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