Voices From The Readers – November 15, 2019

Voices From The Readers – November 15, 2019

Offshore Wind Farm Voice Needed Now


Several offshore wind farm projects that will stretch from Rehoboth Beach to Ocean City will soon be a reality unless citizens and legislators take action now. Orsted Wind Power (Denmark) has been granted one of multiple offshore wind farm leases. Orsted’s Skipjack Offshore Energy, LLC and Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) have a tentative agreement to allow installation of multiple electric transmission cables and connection facilities (industrial uses) in the ecologically fragile Fenwick Island State Park (Park) in exchange for a major expansion of the Park plus a financial endowment. The Park is a narrow strip of flood prone lands containing sensitive ecosystems, wetlands, and wildlife habitats that normally would be protected by DNREC, so why the push to commercialize and industrialize it. People visit our parks so they can experience what nature looks like, not what concrete looks like.

Orsted and other offshore wind energy companies are looking to use the tallest wind turbines in the world, measuring 853 feet or three times higher than the turbine in Lewes. As planned, these turbines will be in plain view from the Delaware shoreline both day and night (with flashing red beacon lights). This will forever destroy the pristine ocean vista that people have always assumed would never change. Renewable clean energy is a good thing, but offshore wind turbines visible from Delaware’s Atlantic coastline should not be allowed. In fact, many official groups are against placing these large turbines

offshore including, Ocean City, MD, State of Maryland’s Assateague Park, the Assateague National Park, Army Corp of Engineers, Homeland Security, The Coast Guard, The Town of Fenwick Island, MERR, and several wildlife groups. The Atlantic horizon should never be polluted with wind turbines because this natural seascape belongs to the people and future generations, not energy developers. If these projects are not cost effective for developers, then offshore wind energy should be moved to onshore.

Anyone who wants to retain the unobstructed view of Delaware’s Atlantic coast should take action now by contacting their Delaware legislators and request that they, STOP negotiations with Skipjack and other offshore wind projects until such developers can guarantee an unobstructed view of our coastal horizon as it appears today. Once the proposed turbines are installed there’s no going back.

A public meeting to discuss this is scheduled on 6-7:30 pm, Tuesday Nov. 19 at Indian River High School.

Paul Breger

Fenwick Island


Education Gala A Success


On behalf of the Worcester County Education Foundation (WCEF), we would like to thank everyone that helped make our 3rd annual Gala a huge success. On Friday, November 1, 2019 we celebrated in true Classic Hollywood style. Our VIP sponsors enjoyed a fabulous 4-course dinner prepared by Seacrets followed by an amazing signature dessert prepared by Chef Phillip Cropper and the Worcester Technical High School Culinary Arts Program. The generosity of our sponsors allowed over 200 tickets to be distributed to Worcester County educators and staff, as a thank you for all they do, to attend the Classic Hollywood Party in Morley Hall. All of our guests walked the red carpet, had pictures taken by the paparazzi and took their chance at winning some amazing silent auction and raffle items assembled by each of our Worcester County schools. Everyone filled the dance floor and enjoyed small bites donated by area restaurants – Shenanigan’s Irish Pub, Sunset Grille, Baked Dessert Café & Gallery, Seacrets, Bull on the Beach and Chef Phillip Cropper/Worcester Technical High School Culinary Arts Program.

We want to recognize this year’s Platinum sponsors: Atlantic General Hospital; Peninsula Regional Medical Center; and Oak Contracting, LLC and this year’s Gold sponsors: Becker Morgan Group; Bank of Ocean City; Taylor Bank and Ropewalk for their generous support. We are also very grateful to our many Silver, Bronze and in-kind sponsors and to all of those that made a financial commitment to WCEF that evening. The event would not have been possible without the dedication of my event committee — Hope Palmer, Dawn Peterson, Tara Miller, Deb Travers and Sue Carpenter — many volunteers and the amazing Seacrets staff.

By supporting our efforts to provide our children, from kindergarten through graduation, with the appropriate digital device, we are helping to equip them with the necessary tools with which to practice and learn the digital skills required to compete for the jobs of tomorrow. The WCEF is committed to establishing a proactive partnership between the community and the public school system by linking community resources with the educational needs of its students to prepare them to succeed, and we are very appreciative of the continued support.

On behalf of all the children who will be served over the years by the community’s support of WCEF, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your generosity and kindness. We hope even more members of the community will join us next year for this fun filled night.

Susan Trimble


(The writer was the WCEF Gala event chair.)


Event Supporters Thanked


The Ocean City Museum Society is delighted to report that our sixth annual Storm Warriors 5K run/walk Nov. 9 was a huge success. That Saturday was a beautiful day in Ocean City (aren’t they all). Of course, the unique OC Boardwalk venue is a draw for everyone.

We are so grateful for the 132 folks who participated. We had a record number of runners/walkers sign up that morning. The Museum was a beehive of activity.

We are indebted to our sponsors who show their faith in the mission of the museum and of the society — to inspire and support the interpretation and appreciation of the cultural and natural history of Ocean City, Maryland, the Worcester County coastal region, and equally, the historical role performed by the United States Life-Saving Service, and to preserve with subsequent mandate the 1891 structure that once served as the Ocean City Station.

Thank you Jolly Roger/Thrashers Fries, Whitman Requart, Coffin Foundation, Quillin Foundation, American Legion, Humphreys Foundation, Calvin B. Taylor Bank, Castle in the Sand, Elks, Knights of Columbus, Bank of Ocean City, Seacrets, Lions Club, OC Development Corporation, Dunes Manor Hotel, Greene Turtle, George & Lynch, Inc. And thank you Pip the Beach Cat for being there to support and inspire.

Once again, OC Tri-running provided professional and friendly assistance in providing all that is necessary for a first-class event. The award plaques provided by Plak That are coveted by all. Local media – The Dispatch, OC Today and IRIE 981 radio — are always ready to help.

Thank you to Ocean City and city staff for assisting in making this a memorable event. We are looking forward to our 7th Annual Storm Warriors 5K run/walk Nov. 7, 2020. Mark your calendars.

Nancy L. Howard

Ocean City

(The writer is the president of the Ocean City Museum Society.)


More Transparency Sought


“Conservative” does not appear to refer to the desire to act deliberately and not change the status quo as it once did, now it appears to mean “it’s mine you can’t have any.” The system has evolved so that top level executives can arrange to pay themselves more than they can spend in several lifetimes, while paying the ones that actually create the wealth barely enough to live, and not enough to get pulled up “by their bootstraps.”

Look at the price of higher education today. It is reported that the top executive’s also arrange, by their having written themselves favorable tax laws, to pay far less than the majority of us. As Warren Buffet said he pays lower tax rates than his Secretary. The highest paid exec’s have their compensation mostly paid in deferred stock, which can lower their rate to 15% or less.Then they can slide it into tax free offshore accounts if they wish. How big was your tax refund? Did you send it to the Caymans? Or did you have to pay additional taxes as many of us did? Or did every dollar go back into the economy as you paid your many bills?

“Liberal” has become derided by conservatives as socialist. Odd coming from people who love their Medicare and Social Security, but hate to allow others below 65 to benefit from the former safety net.

“Conservatives” who like to wear the mantle of being more “Christian” do not appear to identify with the original socialist who fed the masses, healed the sick, loved his brother as himself, turn the other cheek, and said to pay your taxes. Can you identify truly as one of his followers? Or perhaps you follow the false Republican who bears false witness, commits adultery, steals, and dodged the draft repeatedly, dodges taxes, dodges creditors, and clogs up our expensive legal system with his frivolous lawsuits. He has demonstrated a massive failure at personally running a business, maybe he should have done better at College and paid attention in class, gotten better grades and gone on to get more than just a bachelor’s in economics. He started with a reported $600 million, what is it now? The “most transparent ever” president refuses to tell us, or what his taxes really have been, why? Too embarrassing?

He is a fantastic salesman who does know how to sell his brand, and many have drunk his Kool-Aid. Try a decent beverage this election cycle, see how it makes you feel. I personally have no superstitious beliefs, but have been taught what is right and fair.

Hans Van Den Bosch

Snow Hill