Cops & Courts – November 15, 2019

Cops & Courts – November 15, 2019

Disorderly Conduct Arrest

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was arrested on disorderly conduct and other charges last week after allegedly confronting Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers following a fight near a bar.

Last Saturday, OCPD officers responded to a reported fight that was previously active but had since de-escalated near a bar on 8th Street. Ocean City Communications advised the officers two suspects who had been involved in the fight were now standing next to a Jeep in the parking lot.

While OCPD officers were interviewing the two suspects, they were approached by another male, identified as Matthew Riley, 23, of Ocean City. Riley approached the officers, but then turned around and started walking away on foot. OCPD officers ordered Riley to return to speak with them and he stopped and turned around, according to police reports.

Riley reportedly approached the officers in a bladed fighting stance and reached for something in his waistband. Uncertain at that point what Riley was reaching for, OCPD officers drew their department-issued handguns. When it was determined Riley was reaching for his cell phone, the officers holstered their weapons.

By now, a large crowd had gathered in the parking lot, in front of the bar and on the balconies of neighboring apartment buildings to watch the scene unfold. According to police reports, Riley launched into an expletive-laced tirade of insults against the OCPD officers on the scene.

The officers ordered Riley to sit on the curb and stop his tirade, but he continued to yell insults at police, according to police reports. He was ultimately taken into custody after reportedly refusing to comply with officers’ orders. A female companion approached the scene and told police Riley had been diagnosed with mental disorders and was under the influence of alcohol.

The female companion asked OCPD officers is she could attempt to console Riley and diffuse the situation, to which Riley replied her presence was only making him madder. Riley was ultimately arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and failure to obey a lawful order.


Alleged Heroin Overdose Results In Disorderly Arrest

OCEAN CITY — A Fruitland woman was arrested on disorderly conduct and other charges last week after allegedly causing a scene with police and social workers attempting to intervene on behalf of her children.

Around 1:50 p.m. last Thursday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to the area of a bank on 94th Street for a reported cardiac arrest. The officer met with a woman, later identified as Susan Ercolino, 26, of Fruitland, who advised her fiancé was overdosing on heroin in a vehicle in which she was seated.

The officer approached the vehicle and observed an open can of beer in the center console. When the officer asked Ercolino about the open beer, she proceeded to dump its contents in the parking lot. Meanwhile, two employees from Social Services arrived on scene to speak to Ercolino about the safety of her two children, who were also at the scene, according to police reports.

Ercolino reportedly began screaming at the two social workers and the police on scene, saying, “I don’t have to [expletive deleted] talk to you,” and “These are my [expletive deleted] kids.” Ercolino also screamed “Stay out of my [expletive deleted] car,” and “You all are judging me,” according to police reports.

By now, a crowd of observers had gathered to watch the scene unfold. Ercolino reportedly flailed her arms and picked up her children, moving them from one side of the vehicle to the other. Ercolino was ultimately arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and open container. No further information was provided on the reported heroin overdose that precipitated the incident.


Jail For Vehicle Theft

SNOW HILL — One of three Edgewood, Md. men arrested in June for motor vehicle theft after allegedly swiping a vehicle was found guilty of attempting to elude police on foot and was sentenced to one year in jail, all but 30 days of which was suspended.

Around 4:30 p.m. last June 8, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers were conducting surveillance at a hotel on 27th Street after discovering a stolen vehicle at a downtown convenience store parking lot. The OCPD officers were watching the hotel because of information that at least one of the suspects involved in the motor vehicle theft was believed to be staying there.

While on surveillance at the hotel, OCPD detectives observed an African-American male matching the description of the suspect involved in the stolen vehicle at North Division Street walking with three other males in an alley behind the hotel. OCPD detectives observed the four men, later identified as Davonn Parson, 19; Dalonte Myers, 20; Amir Turner, 18; and a juvenile, all from Edgewood, Md., get into a green Honda Odyssey with Maryland tags.

A background check revealed the Honda had been reported stolen in Harford County the day before. While OCPD observed, the four suspects drove south on Baltimore Avenue. OCPD officers followed as the vehicle turned south on Philadelphia Avenue and accelerated into the bus lane.

When the trailing officer activated his emergency lights, the vehicle appeared as if it was going to stop in a motel parking lot. The OCPD officer initiated a high-risk stop and yelled to the occupants in the vehicle to stop and turn the car off, according to police reports. When the officer approached, the vehicle sped south again on Herring Way.

With OCPD vehicles in pursuit, the stolen Honda turned west on Dolphin Street and then north on Marlin Drive, which comes to a dead end at the bay. With the vehicle still in motion, the suspect got out and fled on foot. The vehicle rolled into the front yard of a residence on Marlin Drive and drove over some bushes and flower beds.

A witness grilling on his porch observed the suspects running south on Marlin Drive. OCPD officers set up a perimeter near the dead-end street. Myers was located quickly and taken into custody. Turner and the juvenile jumped into the bay and were found clinging to pillars to stay afloat. Several minutes later, Parson was located hiding under a gazebo behind a residence.

During the roundup, OCPD officers located a black backpack that had been in possession of both Turner and the juvenile at different times during the pursuit and had been discarded before the pair had jumped in the bay. Inside the backpack, OCPD officers located amounts of heroin and cocaine packaged in a manner consistent with distribution.

Each of the four suspects was charged with motor vehicle theft. Parson later admitted being the driver of the stolen vehicle and was also charged with reckless driving. Turner and the juvenile also face charges related to the discovery of narcotics in the backpack each of them had possessed at different times during the incident.

Last week, Parson entered an Alford plea to attempting to elude police on foot. In an Alford plea, a suspect does not admit guilt, but acknowledges the state has enough evidence to prosecute the case. Parson was sentenced to one year, all but 30 days of which was suspended. He was also placed on probation for two years.

Also last week, Myers had the charges against him placed on the stet, or inactive, docket. Turner is scheduled to appear for trial in December.


10 Days For Boardwalk Ruckus

OCEAN CITY — A Havre de Grace, Md. man, arrested in August for causing a disturbance on the Boardwalk and flaunting the city’s smoking ordinance, pleaded guilty last week to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

On Aug. 25, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer patrolling in the area of Talbot Street and the Boardwalk observed a large group of young people engaged in a “rap battle.” As the officer approached the scene, the large group began to disperse. On member of the group, later identified as John C. Powell, 27, of Havre de Grace, walked north on the Boardwalk and continued to yell expletives and racial slurs in a loud voice, according to police reports.

The OCPD officer located Powell near the comfort station at Caroline Street and observed him smoking a cigarette. The officer reportedly advised Powell his yelling was bothering others on the Boardwalk and smoking a cigarette was unlawful. The officer advised Powell of the city’s noise ordinance and asked him to keep his voice down.

The officer also directed Powell to a designated smoking area off the Boardwalk at Caroline Street. According to police reports, Powell was respectful and receptive to the information provided to him by the officer. However, when Powell walked north on the Boardwalk, he put the lit cigarette to his mouth, inhaled and then exhaled a large plume of smoke in the officer’s direction, according to police reports.

OCPD officers stopped Powell in the area of the Boardwalk and North Division Street and advised he was going to receive a citation for smoking on the Boardwalk. According to police reports, Powell told the OCPD officers he had recently been released from prison for assault and attempted murder. When asked if he was in possession of any weapons, Powell said he was not and consented to a search of his person. The search turned up a bowl with marijuana residue and a grinder, but no other contraband.

By now, Powell had become agitated about the stop and told the officers he had just served time in a maximum security prison. Powell reportedly told police he was a member of the Dead Man, Inc. gang. He also told the officers he had fought police before and that he would do so again, and that he was not afraid to go back to jail, according to police reports.

Powell was issued two civil citations, but scribbled in the signature line and then willfully threw the citations in the air, according to police reports. Powell then walked northbound on the Boardwalk and climbed over a Department of Homeland Security fence while yelling expletives at OCPD officers.

OCPD officers stopped Powell and attempted to take him into custody. At first, he tensed his body and resisted arrest, but when an OCPD officer put him in a bear hug in order to handcuff him, Powell told the officers he was giving up and put his hands behind his back. Last week, Powell pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to 10 days in jail.