Submerged Wetland Project To Begin

BERLIN — As part of the ongoing stormwater mitigation work in the Town of Berlin, the creation of a submerged gravel wetland is scheduled to begin next week.

The project will take place on an existing property owned by the town located between Graham Avenue and Old Ocean City Boulevard in between Burley Oak Brewing Company and The Dispatch office.

“This property will become an area for stormwater to collect from Graham Avenue and nearby streets and be filtered before continuing into the Hudson Branch waterway,” Mayor Gee Williams said. “This will help alleviate some of the flooding experienced in that neighborhood during significant rainfalls, as well as contribute to the overall water quality of the Hudson Branch.”

Streets and sidewalks will be impacted during construction, so residents and visitors are urged to follow detours and expect delays.

The majority of the funding is through grants from the Maryland Coastal Bays Program and Chesapeake Bay Trust. When complete, in addition to being a stormwater mitigation area, the property will become a habitat for native plants, insects, birds and other wildlife.