The Resorter Revisited – August 23, 2019

The Resorter Revisited – August 23, 2019

Summer of 1972

Volume XVIII

Edition 7

Issue Highlights

Row boat rentals were available from Capt. William Bunting & Son on Talbot Street.

Weekly rentals for $175 were being offered at Three Cheers condominium on Baltimore Ave. at 31st Street.

Jolly Roger was offering a coupon for free gas at any BP dealer in the country. With each BP fill-up, the recipient received two gallons free, compliments of Jolly Roger.

Among those featured in the “Many Faces Of Ocean City” were Vivian Layfield, Vivian Layfield Boutique; Bill Denny, Barney’s Britches; Martha Bunting, Angler; Howard LeCates and Hale Harrison, Plim Plaza; Joe and Adele Kroart, Kroart Galleries; and Hugh Johnson, The Music Scene.

Featured at the South Moon Under on 33rd Street were backless dresses, split size bikinis, trunks and surf T-shirts.

Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson were appearing this week at the Ocean City Convention Hall. Tickets were available $4 and $5. Sponsors included Style Guide, O.C. Rags, Rogers Music Shop, Watson Smoke House, Baron of Beef and Music Scene.